iPhone 12 rumors: All you need to know

Since the advent of iPhone X, Apple is always captivating its users with subtle design changes and upgrades to its iPhones. According to the rumor mill, Apple is expected to release four new iPhone 12s this coming October. They include a 5.4 inches iPhone 12, a 6.1 inches iPhone 12 Max and iPhone 12 Pro, and finally a 6.7 inches iPhone 12 Pro Max. This series of iPhones will come preloaded with the newly released iOS 14. Here are some of the rumored specs of the iPhone 12.

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Google Pixel 4A and 4A XL rumors: What to expect

Google’s next iteration of Pixel devices is expected to be released sometime late this year. The new models are rumored to be Google Pixel 4A and Google Pixel 4A XL. The release date was anticipated to happen in March following the previous patterns. However, this has not been the case due to the Covid 19 pandemic. The release dates continue to be pushed with the latest rumor being in September. Here is what to expect.

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Watch OS 7 features coming to Apple watch

Watch OS is among the top things Apple likes to announce in its annual developer conference. During this year’s WWDC, Apple announced the next operating system for its Apple Watch, Watch OS 7. The software brings many health updates to the Apple watch, and it is expected to be available this fall. Here are the new exciting features Apple announced regarding Watch OS 7.

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iOS 14 New Android-like exciting features

During Apple’s WWDC 2020, Apple announced its new operating system for the iPhones, iOS 14. This new iOS packs a lot of features that iPhones users will find interesting. However, if you have had a look or tested the iOS 14, you will realize Apple has borrowed a lot from Android. In a nutshell, some of the new features sport the similar functionalities you can find in Android. Without further ado, here is a brief review of iOS 14 new features.

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Apple’s WWDC 2020 top announcements

Much like many other gatherings and conferences, Apple’s WWDC 2020 was not spared either by the Coronavirus pandemic. Due to social distancing rules and other complications, WWDC 2020 took place online with no in-person events. Despite these hard times, Apple announced its technological steps for the year. As usual, the announcements were focused on the software part of Apple products. Here are the top announcements from Apple 2020 annual developer conference.

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Cool new features coming to iOS 14

The next iteration of Apple’s iPhone software, iOS 14, is expected to sport new exciting features. While some features will be mere upgrades, iOS 14 interface is expected to have a change in design. From various leaks, we have seen interface changes and even an introduction of new apps. However, we will see the real deal during Apple’s annual developer conference.

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Switched to Android, Here is what you will like

The current smartphone realm is dominated by Android and iOS. These operating systems offer various perks and they have their drawbacks. Smartphone brands such as Google Pixel, Samsung, and LG use android, and so on. iOS is limited to Apple’s ecosystem, the iPhones, and the iPads. Both of these systems are updated regularly and offer new features and functionalities with each iteration. Nevertheless, if you recently switched to Android or you are planning to, here are goodies you will enjoy in the Android operating system. Although Android smartphone manufacturers use different implementations, the underlying functionality is the same.

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Google working on its chipset for future Pixels

Rumors of Google working on a new processor for its flagship Pixel phones have been around for some time now. Now the California-based giant tech company is much closer to making the project a reality. This is according to a recent report by Axios. These Google-born chipsets are set to power future models of the Pixel line up around next year. The report further suggests that different versions of the processor could be fitted on Chromebooks later on.

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