How does Apple Deep Fusion work?

During the launch of the iPhone 11 models in September 2019, Apple said that they would sooner than later introduce a new feature – Deep Fusion – in their iOS 13.2 update. Therefore to have access to Deep Fusion, you must update your iPhone to the latest version. Also it would be imperative to note that this feature is only available on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and Pro Max.

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What is the future of Samsung Galaxy Fold?

Samsung has a lot to unfold about its Fold devices. Recently, a clamshell foldable phone design has been making rounds on the internet. The next Samsung Galaxy Fold flagship could have a concept where it transitions from the old Fold design (the centerline fold ‘hot dog’) to a new model which will take a style of Samsung Galaxy S10 standard smartphone and fold from top to bottom (‘hamburger’). Further, the new design could have a clamshell-style square design, and at the same time the device will be vertical and folds on itself.

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Samsung Galaxy S11 Rumor roundup

After the latest flagship releases by Samsung, rumors have already starting to swirl about the Samsung Galaxy S11 or, rather, Samsung Galaxy 2020 devices. As we eagerly wait for the 2020’s smartphones across the board, we expect Samsung to make significant upgrades on the Samsung Galaxy S10 series as it tries to one-up the Galaxy S11. Although there has been no official communication from Samsung, leaks are already springing about what to expect on the 2020 flagship.

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iPhone SE2 rumor roundup

The iPhone SE (Special Edition) is a phone for people who are not fascinated by big screens but want a decent iPhone with great specs. Apple released the first iPhone SE in March 2016 but terminated the 4-inch device in September 2018.  Currently, the iPhone with the smallest screen is the iPhone 8 at 4.7 inches. This is still a big screen as compared to 4 inches. Since the termination of the first iPhone SE, fans of the small screen real estate have been voicing their cries about a replacement. Good news, there are rumors of a smaller device, for now, let us call it the iPhone SE2. Here is a rumor roundup about the iPhone SE2.

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AirPods 3 Rumored Updates

AirPods 3 are getting hyped, and we have the new image in iOS latest update, 13.2 Beta to thank. While we are yet to know everything about the AirPods, we can still get a picture of what they will be. The glyph found in the iOS 13.2 Beta additionally tells that they are around the corner. Apple, however, is still yet to disclose any details or make an official announcement regarding this upcoming AirPods.

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The Best Features on Google’s Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL Smartphones

Google launched its flagship phone – the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL – in the recently concluded Made by Google October event. Although most of the features of the device leaked a lot, Google still safeguarded the best features for the event. Without further ado, here are the best features of the newly announced Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL Smartphones.

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