Facts about Google’s Pixel 4

Most smartphone tech giants have released their 2019 flagship devices except for Google. Google is expected to rival other flagship devices with the Google Pixel 4 and 4XL devices. The notable competition includes the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 phones and the newly launched iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. Before we know how Google’s new additions will match up with the competition, here are confirmed facts about the Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL devices.

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How to enable Gmail dark mode in Android and iOS

The latest versions of both Android and iOS support a system-wide Dark Mode. Although its system wide, this mode only applies to native apps (built in apps) and system levels including settings. However, this mode isn’t supported by other third part apps. Although developers are rolling out updates, the adoption rate is slow. Maybe things will change in the coming weeks. Although Android has a higher adoption rate for Dark Mode, it’s ironical that some Google apps don’t support this beautiful dark mode.

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How to update, rearrange and delete apps on Apple’s iOS 13

Apple’s new iOS 13 comes with an excellent overhaul design. It has the most anticipated features such system wide Dark mode, swipe mode on keyboard and other refinements to most Apple apps. Other features such as SIRI reading message aloud and various new SIRI shortcuts will debut on the iOS 13.1 update. Despite bringing new features, Apple iOS 13 changes how things were usually done in the iPhone realm. Some of the changes are a bit problematic and needs time to adjust. If you have realized some functionalities such as updating, rearranging and deleting apps don’t work as they used to be, we got you covered.

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Features you’ll appreciate in iPadOS

iPadOS was recently released and its everything Apple talked about – new power features for the iPad. iPadOS is built on the same foundation as iOS 13. It’s designed to work with apps for bigger screens and for enhanced multi-tasking. In a nutshell, iPadOS unlocks your iPad’s full potential. Here are the best things about iPadOS. You’ll definitely appreciate these features.

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Apple’s Keynote: Everything Apple announced at the September Event.

“Give people wonderful tools, and they’ll do wonderful things”

Apple Arcade, iPad, a new Watch, and of course the headliner of the fall Event, the iPhone 11 all happened. Unfortunately, the Mac was an absentee. In case you missed or want to relive the event, worry not. We got you covered. Pull up a chair and hone in on this train as we break down Apple’s Extravaganza for you.

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How to manage and limit mobile data usage on your Android

Unlike Wi-Fi, cellular data has an edge and even for unlimited data plans there is a point beyond which your data speeds will reduce or get disconnected. Also, the upscale unlimited data plans are usually costly, and you may need to cut on that cost. Every so often, an application may consume data without you being aware make you incur high data charges. 

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