Tips on how to improve your smartphone photography

Don’t we all love photography? Cameras have become one of the major selling points for today’s’ smartphones. They have reduced the bulk of carrying around the traditional cameras, and some even sport DSLR features. However, few of us understand our phone cameras and hence end up underusing them. Other than the megapixels, there’s more to those cameras. Smile for the camera, and capture the essence of the moment. Here are a few tips on how to maximize your smartphone photography.

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Exciting Apple Watch Series 6 rumors

Apple has been gearing up to release a new wearable this fall. In the upcoming 15th September event, ‘Time Flies’, we expect this wearable to be part of the highlight. The wearable mainly focuses on health and fitness besides being a complementary accessory. Though no confirmed details about the Apple Watch Series 6, a few rumor mills and leaks have given us snippets on what might be unveiled.

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What to expect from Apple’s Sept 15th event

It’s time to mark your calendars! Apple has confirmed its virtual event date, 15th September, at 10 AM PDT. The event will be held at Apple Park. This year’s fall’s tagline is ‘Time Flies.’ This suggests that their primary focus might be a wearable and not the next-generation phones, as we all expected. Apple has not overly been forthcoming with details about this event. Despite this, according to a few speculations, we expect a few hardware upgrades and other key upgrades.

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Tips for your Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

The unique bean-like Galaxy Buds Live were announced on 5th August at Samsung unpacked event. The buds have a bold and distinctive design that sets them apart. They feature a long-lasting battery life, an active noise cancellation system, and the ability to connect to Samsung’s exclusive Bixby feature. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy the most from your Galaxy Buds Live.

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Samsung Galaxy M51, the Galaxy budget phone

To stay competitive in the market, Samsung releases both flagships and mid-range devices. Their latest mid-range phone set to hit the markets is the Galaxy M51. Though it is already up for preorder in German, it is expected to be available in other markets such as India. It will be available on September 6th. The highlight of this phone is its massive battery capacity, a whopping 7000mAh. I’d call it the beast, but Samsung has nicknamed it the Meanest monster ever. Here is a brief review of the phone.

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iOS 14 tricks and other hidden features

During the WWDC 2020 virtual event, Apple announced its new operating system, iOS 14. There is more to it than what meets the eye. Digging deeper, you’ll realize that there is a ton of hidden features that were not highlighted during that event. Notably, some features are only limited to the newer models. Here are a few tips and features that are hidden in iOS14.

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What we want on the next Samsung Galaxy S30 flagship

The S series is known to be Samsung’s premium phone. With the unveiling of s20 series, we can already hint on what to expect on the next phone; Galaxy s30. There are rumors, however, saying the Galaxy s30 will be renamed to Galaxy s21. But take that with a pinch of salt. Given that Samsung tries to rectify its previous mistakes while still upgrading to beat its rivals, we expect Samsung to up its game with the Galaxy s30. The launch of this phone is likely to take place in February 2021 (following previous trends). Here is what we would like to see.

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Which assistant for your Samsung? Bixby or Google Assistant.

“Hey Bixby, are you the best and smartest assistant?” Bixby cannot answer this, but Google Assistant says It is Pretty smart. Google develops Google Assistant for Android devices while Samsung develops Bixby for Samsung devices. Both Bixby and Google assistants are meant to ease the burden of how you use the phone, less typing, more speaking. This is easier, especially when you want to go hands-free. Although the two perform almost similar functions, each stands out for its own. Let’s see which one stacks up best for a Samsung user.

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Google Pixel 5 latest leaks and rumors

Google revealed that they would be releasing a new flagship of the Pixel later in the year. Following earlier precedents, this phone might be launched early October or late September. A teaser from August revealed that this phone is expected to be released alongside the Pixel 4a 5G model. A few changes are rumored to make their way. These include; design, the expected features, and specs. However, there are few leaks and rumors about this phone, but here is what to expect, according to rumor mills.

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The latest iPhone 2020 rumors

The next awaited event in the smartphone industry is the release of the iPhone 12 flagships, popularly referred to as the iPhone 2020. Apple is expected to compete with its rivals, such as Samsung and Google. With the Corona pandemic, the event might be pushed, and even the sales affected. Despite the hardships, we expect a lot from Apple’s 2020 iPhones. At the moment, the launch of iOS 14, we now know a lot more about the upcoming iPhones. Here are the latest rumors on what Apple will deliver.

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