Samsung Galaxy S series 2020 rumors

Since the Samsung Galaxy S10 debuted, rumors have been speculating on what the next S series will pack, its design, price, and even the release date. Early rumors speculated that the next S series device could be named S11 considering Samsung’s numbering trend. However, a new rumor, based on the CES 2020, has it that the next S series flagship will be named Samsung Galaxy S20. Below is the latest rumor roundup on the next S series flagship.

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Google Pixel 4a: Release date and specs

In 2019, Google released budget-friendly Pixel phones, the Pixel 3a, and the 3a XL. Although they lacked the premium feel, the 3a devices packed incredible specs, great quality and excellent camera performance as compared to other mid-range smartphones. This year, rumor has it that Google will also release a mid-range Pixel phone, the Google Pixel 4a. If the 3a devices awed you, the midrange Pixel 4a is even better according to the rumor mills. Here are a rumor roundup and various leaks on what to expect on Google’s latest mid-range smartphone.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite brief review

During the Las Vegas CES 2020 event, Samsung launched the midrange versions of the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 version. The devices, although bearing a high-end flagship name, Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite, are nothing compared to their Flagships. But they are budget-friendly and give you some feel of the corresponding flagship devices. Additionally, they feature a similar design to the rumored Galaxy S20. Without further ado, here is a brief review of both lite smartphones.

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How to optimize your Android Phone in 2020

Over the festive season, you got an Android phone, or it was a gift. Between that time and now, if you are new to Android, you might have realized your phone has many customization options. You might be wondering which is the best way to customize your phone and get the most out of it. To save you the trouble, the first customization you should do to your Android phone is to optimize it. This ensures you get the most recommended performance out of your device. To optimize your Android phone, proceed as follows.

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New rumors, and specs about 2020 iPhones

The 2020 iPhone launch is far away but that does not deter rumor mills from speculating what the next line of iPhones will bring to the smartphone realm. As with the Apple naming continues, 2020 iPhones are expected to be a trio and maybe named iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. If Apple sticks to its announcement culture, we might get to know what the iPhone 2020 trio entails in September. However, before that, here is a collection of compelling rumors of what the 2020 iPhones will pack.

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2020 Smartphone Trends

As always, a new year comes bearing various gifts. In the smartphone realm, manufacturers are back at it again with new specs and inventions of various phones that will wow you. Since the launch of the iPhone X, we have seen various trends in smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Google and other notable giant smartphone manufacturers. This year, it is also evident that there will be various trends and some have already been revealed. Here is a roundup of what to expect in the 2020 trends about smartphones.

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