Samsung may produce iPhone Chips in 2018

In 2014, it was chip manufacturer Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) that won the entirety of the A-series chip orders. It was the first time that TSMC was tasked with the job for Apple’s processors, and the company delivered. These are the chips that have been used since then, starting with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. These smartphones turned out to be a huge success, and Apple seemed to have the number of A8 chips that they could manage to sell.

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iPhone 8 Photos

We finally got our hands on an iPhone 8 (or “iPhone Edition” if you prefer) dummy model. While this is definitely not guaranteed to be exactly what the final phone will be like, our sources gives us a lot of confidence that it is very accurate. And if you have been wondering, yes, this new model is still very courageous 🙂

So here are a bunch of photos…. feel free to share these but please attribute this post or as the original source of the photos.

If you want to see any additional photos or videos or size comparisons, just let us know in the Facebook comments of this post!

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iPhone 8 Mockup: Leaked real-life photos of what to expect

Everyone has heard a ton of rumors regarding the next anticipated iPhone flagship dubbed as the iPhone 8. With the most recent mockup leak, you can now believe some of the rumors and debunk others. From photos obtained by BGR, the mockup is in line with the design schematics from factories that will build the awaited Apple’s 10th-anniversary flagship. With Apple recently acquiring patents on the edge to edge screen and Touch ID, this mockup is likely to represent what the iPhone will look like since it clearly shows the edge to edge screen.

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