WhatsApp’s person to person payment feature

Person to person (P2P) payment is a tech that allows individuals to transfers funds from their banks r cards to another individual’s bank or cards using the internet via a mobile phone. The in-app P2P trend hit the headlines when Apple announced that it’d include it in its iMessage app and its Apple watch. After that, this tech began being implemented on a large scale especially in social media platforms such as Facebook messenger and it has now found its way to WhatsApp messenger. Continue reading “WhatsApp’s person to person payment feature”

Samsung’s ISOCELL Dual

When compared to other leading smartphone brand Apple, Android phones are still lagging behind in terms of their camera and quality of pictures except for a few that are representing the whole ecosystem; Google Pixel, Samsung, OnePlus and other few select. The camera problem is due to the fact that many manufacturers tweak the android system to fit the need of other middle-income people who can’t get their hand on high-end smartphones.  This makes slow budget phones to have low-quality features especially the camera, but that is about to change very soon. Continue reading “Samsung’s ISOCELL Dual”

Android’s Safe Mode

Android can be problematic at times, and the only way to identify if it’s your apps or the phone that has the problem is to boot into Safe mode, much like the option in windows PC. When you reboot into safe mode, all third-party application that you have installed will be disabled until you reboot the android again into the normal mode. In a nutshell, when you boot into safe mode, you get your android as it was new from the box, except with the system updates, these don’t disappear. You should not use safe mode to run away from a pending problem unless you are planning on not to use any third-party app. safe mode is just a troubleshooting tool to help you narrow down the problem. Continue reading “Android’s Safe Mode”

Google Family Link

February 6th saw the world celebrate the Safer Internet Day with a theme of “Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you.” This theme is a call to action for stakeholders to play their part which involves creating a better internet for everyone, especially for the youngsters. Apart from the better internet, it’s also an invitation for everyone to engage with others in a respectful way aimed at ensuring a better digital experience. Continue reading “Google Family Link”

Privacy: How to achieve it when texting on your iPhone

Privacy, confidentiality, and integrity only come to one’s mind when either one or all of them has been breached. A breach may lead to unwanted info reaching unwanted eyes which at most times result in blackmail and even something more worse. Most of the privacy breaches are not as a result of an attack, but due to ‘negligence’ when it comes to protecting your info. Many might think by setting up the FaceID, TouchID or even a passcode then they have achieved the ultimate privacy. But there’s more to privacy, and for a start, we’ll start by restricting the contents of the Messages App to only you. Continue reading “Privacy: How to achieve it when texting on your iPhone”

Google’s Files Go app

In android smartphones, storage gets filled up faster due to temporary files and caches dumped by apps. There’s no easy way of cleaning up what’s disposed of by your apps unless you do it in the settings and on each app individually. This is a tiresome process especially if you have 200 apps on your Android. At times we have apps that we don’t even use, and they are just consuming resources and making our Androids to slow down. To address this issue, Google LLC released an app; Files Go. Unlike your usual file manager, Google’s Files Go offers much more as seen below. Continue reading “Google’s Files Go app”

What’s new in Apple’s iOS 11.3

This spring, Apple will be releasing its major next update for its smartphones, iOS 11.3. This new update will be delivering new and improve other features already available in the current version of iOS 11. At the moment, there is only a developer preview followed by a public beta preview available at developer.apple.com and beta.apple.com respectively. The final update will be available as a free software update for particular iPhone models and other iDevices such as iPhone 5s and later, all iPad Air and iPad Pro models, iPad 5th generation, iPad mini 2 and later and iPod touch 6th generation. Below are features that the update will deliver to the mentioned devices. However, not all features will be available in beta releases and some feature may be missing on some devices and some regions. Continue reading “What’s new in Apple’s iOS 11.3”

How to avoid malicious apps on your Appstore

All kinds of malware including viruses, trojans, and other security threats such as data breaches were last year’s anthem. Unfortunately, researchers also predicted that the trend would continue into 2018. In the smartphone realm, Android users were the most affected by malware propagated by malvertising and even by fake apps. Last year, a malware named Judy infected approximately 36.5 million Android devices. This malware generated auto clicking adware which is a big bother especially for a phone user. Other threats such as fake apps are more advanced in that they can lock you out of your device soon after installation. Continue reading “How to avoid malicious apps on your Appstore”

How to fix a freezing smartphone

Smartphones are meant to better our lives, but that’s not the case, at times they end up being a problem and become the most frustrating thing especially when they freeze, or their performance isn’t what you expected. Freezing is caused by some factors and the soon you know the problem, the soon you can fix it. Most freezing instances are caused by corrupt memory, conflicting apps and the Operating System itself and even the underlying hardware. Continue reading “How to fix a freezing smartphone”