3 Top notch Photo Editors

No DSLR, don’t worry! With your smartphone camera and the following apps, you can edit your photos professionally. If you do it well, you may even have the best photos ever. Without further ado, let’s take a detailed look at the apps.

Snapseed: For photographers

This is the best app for those who are into fine tuning their photos. It’s not an ordinary editor for a regular user. With its non-destructive editing tools, no other editor has surpassed it. It has a full array of 29 tools and filters at a photographer’s disposal. They include; RAW develop, tune image, details, perspective, HDR scape, double exposure, tonal contrast and many more. With these tools, you can tweak DNG files, adjust exposure and color manually or automatically with a set of precise control tools. Perspective will help you get the perfect geometry of horizons as well as fix skewed lines.

“Snapseed editing tools” Source: Playstore

With an arsenal of advanced features such as control paint technology, stack edits, face enhance and face pose, Snapseed is a must have app for photographers. The face tools help you edit portraits on three-dimensional models. You can correct focal length distortions and adjust details on a single face such as smile and pupil, specific lightening and correct the pose. After editing, you can also share your photos via installed apps such as Instagram Facebook and email; it doesn’t share natively.

Snapseed is available for both Android and iOS. Supported files include DNG files on Android, RAW file formats in iOS, and JPEG for both. For best results, you must have some photography skills.

Picsart: An editor for everyone else

Picsart sports an easy to use photo editing module equipped with powerful photo editing tools, robust features, and customizable collages. It also has a camera module with predefined capture tools and effects. Using this app is a lively and fun activity as you have more control of the tools. Filter varieties, effects, free stickers, and creative contests make this possible.

Recently, Picsart invented photo remix and free to edit images feature. With image remixing on mobile platforms, Picsart lets you add a personal touch to your pictures. With this feature, you can share a photo with friends in Picsart and let them edit it for you. You also get the chance to participate in the Picsart community by sharing your stickers.

Picsart is also available for both Android and iOS. It supports JPEG and PNG files. It has a variety of sharing options such as to Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and email. Picsart doesn’t require any expertise in photography, hence making it best editor for everyone else.

Pixlr: A balanced photo editor

Formerly known as Pixlr Express, Pixlr is the best photo editor for people with creativity in mind. With a combination of its features, effects, and tools, you can capture any moment and transform it in ways you can only imagine. It has both professional and basic photo editing tools. They include; photo collages, double exposure, auto fix, overlays, focal blur, color splash, and other styling features. Although there are other photo editors superior to Pixlr, it’s sure one of a kind. It has managed to balance professional and ordinary editing experience. This makes it the ideal photo editor for everyone.

Pixlr is available for both Android and iOS. Pixlr allows you to share your edits directly to social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and to other networks.