4 Ways to prolong the battery life on your Galaxy S8

The battery life on the Samsung Galaxy s8 is pretty awesome, even more so on the larger s8+ model, however, if you find yourself needing to charge up your phone throughout the day, you could always try the following 5 tips for prolonging the life of each charge.

#1: Turn off GPS

The S8 features a built-in GPS, however, in order to increase the accuracy of the location data, it will also retrieve information from nearby cell towers.

Providing you’re not lost in the middle of nowhere, you could always turn off the GPS. This feature consumes battery by communicating with cell towers and satellites.

Alternatively, you could select the battery saving option if you head over to Location> Locating method and select Battery Saving.  

By doing this your phone will only use Wi-Fi and mobile networks to estimate your location.

#2: Put your apps to sleep when not in use

Another nifty way to prolong your battery life is to get into the habit of putting your apps to sleep once you have finished using them.

If you don’t, they will continue to run in the background, updating you with push notifications, and use up both the battery and your data.

To put your apps to sleep, simply long-press on an app, then select “sleep”. Your app will then be in hibernation, and you will receive any notifications once you go back into the app.  

An alternative option would be to seek out the apps that are consuming a lot of your battery by going to Battery> Battery Usage and seeing which apps have the highest battery usage percentage. For the apps that have a particularly high usage, you can select the save power option.

#3: Deactivate the Always On Display (AOD)

Being able to glance over at your phone to check for any updates without having to even pick up the device is very convenient.

Even though the S8’s AMOLED screen doesn’t drain power when you have a black wallpaper, the Always On Display setting will drain some of your battery.

If you are looking to prolong your battery life, you could switch this feature off by heading to Settings > Lock screen and security > Always On Display.

#4: Adjust the Screen timeout settings

By default, the device is set to timeout after 15 seconds of inactivity. However, if you have selected your timeout settings to be more than 30 seconds, you could be wasting battery.

By limiting how long your screen stays on after the last time you interacted with the device is another easy way to prolong your phone’s battery life.

#5: Turn down the brightness

The more light your device is emitting, the more of your battery is being consumed.

If you are in good light conditions, having your phone’s brightness set high is a waste of battery.

Instead of having your brightness level constantly high, you could select the auto brightness settings so that your screen’s brightness will fluctuate according to the light conditions in your environment.

I hope these 5 tips help you to prolong the duration of your battery life between each charge!

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