5 Tips for New Android Users

As an Android user, there are things you should know when using your smartphone. Apart from customizations, you should be aware on how to set up your device correctly. The following tips will improve your Android’s performance and make it easy to use. Some of the tips require a higher version of Android such as lollipop or later.

To Save Your Cellular Data: Turn on Data Saver

There’s nothing as amazing as the internet and having an unlimited bandwidth of data. Unless you’re using an agency’s network or you are on the unlimited data plans, you will want to keep an eye on your data. With Android, apps will use your cellular data even when they are in the background. To save your mobile data, you should block some apps from using background data by turning on the data saver.

Restricting background data is more efficient but not productive. You won’t get notifications, and you might miss important emails. To enable the data saver, open Settings and go to Data usage and then Data saver and Toggle the switch. You can also use the Unrestricted data access to allow some apps to use your data.

To Ensure Security: Don’t Enable Unknown Sources Setting

There are a lot of places you can get apps to use on your Android phone. Apart from the Google Play Store; you can use other trusted stores. Surprisingly many third party apps are hosted freely online, and this can be tempting. To install apps which are not from the play store, you need to enable the unknown sources setting. Unfortunately, many of the third-party apps are loaded with a variety of malware. Some include malvertising and adware.  Other malware may even steal your data at the same time using your precious internet.

Unless you trust the source, only use the Play Store to get apps. To turn off or on the unknown settings, open Settings and then go to Security.

To Save Your Battery Juice: Set the Battery Saver

Most smartphones pack a small battery, but with powerful specs, it’s still a wonder. With a 2.4GHz octa-core processor, your battery won’t even last for 6 hours. You might have to charge it at least twice a day. But if you are not near your charger and you don’t own a power bank, Android has its ways to conserve the battery juice. Most devices now have a battery saver and even different modes to work with.

If your battery is draining fast and you’ve tried all tricks such as reducing brightness and turning off other services, it’s time you use the battery saver. The effective way to use it is to set it to kick in automatically if the battery drops to a certain level. To use it, open Settings head over to Battery, then Battery Saver and tap Turn on automatically.  You will then set your preferred battery level.

To Ensure your privacy: Screen pin

Apart from using AppLocker apps, there are times you might want to share information with your friend or a group of people. In some cases, you will give them your phone. Sometimes they may switch between apps, and accidentally/intentionally your sensitive content will not be private anymore. To avoid that use Screen pinning.  Open Settings, head to security and then scroll to Screen pinning. You will then be guided on how to use it.

Backup your Data

Google has a cloud storage where you can back up your data. In case you reset your device or acquire a new one, it will be the best option to restore your previous data and settings. If you want to back up your data, open Settings, head to Backup & Reset and then Back up my data. Some models enable this automatically for you once you have a Google account.

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