Android Oreo vs iOS 11: Brief Features Overview

In the smartphone arena, at this time of the year, all eyes are on two gladiators; Android Oreo and iOS 11. They are the leading mobile phone operating systems available. In this article, we’ll list the game-changing features offered by the two and let you decide whether it is time to switch sides.

First of all, let me state that not every Android phone/iPhone will have the Android Oreo/iOS 11 features mentioned here. This is because your phone might be outdated or because the manufacturer has not modified the new system to work with your phone. In Android, this is probably the reason many people prefer to buy Google phones or buy from manufacturers that have a track record of swiftly updating to the latest versions.

New features in Android Oreo

  • Android Oreo comes with notification snoozing which is quite similar to inbox snoozing. It allows you to dismiss a notification that you don’t want to deal with immediately.
  • The new Android version also has an inbuilt compatibility with most printers which according to Google can work with any printer currently available.
  • Another behind the scene update is Project Treble which makes Android more modular. This way, Android phone manufacturers will be able to roll out updated versions easily.
  • With Android Oreo, you won’t have to install any extra app to remember your logins as Autofill will do that for you. It is fascinating that the Autofill works with apps and websites in a browser.

Other new features include:

  • An improved battery life.
  • A new emoji library with over 60 new emojis.
  • The picture in picture feature which lets you watch a video while using another app without pausing the video.
  • Minimized background activity.
  • It also takes much faster to boot up.

New features in iOS 11

  • First of all, iOS 11 comes with a redesigned App Store which makes it easier to discover new apps.
  • It also comes with new live photo options which will enable you to edit a live photo in the Photos app. It makes sharing of video and pictures a lot more fun.
  • From a safety perspective, iOS 11 detects when you are driving and mutes all notifications. If someone for example texts while you are driving, this version has an autoreply which tells them that you are driving so they can try to reach you later.
  • There is also the addition of macOS-style dock which helps you launch apps from it. Additionally, you will be able to drag and drop between two apps which is a great feature especially if you have a tablet in mind.

Other features include:

  • Customizable Control Centre
  • Animoji using AR.
  • Multitasking improvements for iPad
  • Portrait lighting (limited to some iPhones)


Android has a reputation as a more customizable product which lets you do more while iOS is known more for its safety. With the new Google Play Protect, Oreo is one of the most secure Android versions to date. Either way, both operating systems are evolutionary and will no doubt improve your mobile phone experience. You won’t be disappointed with either.

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