Apple fixes SDR content on its 4k TV with tvOS 11.2

Apple released an updated version of tvOS for both the fourth-gen Apple TV and Apple TV 4K. This update came moments after Apple had released an iOS 11.2. It is a minor update, yet very significant, as it addresses on the biggest Apple TV 4K complaints. Needless to say, the tvOS 11.2 tops up the previously halted sports section to the TV app. This new feature gives users the freedom to play around with settings of how the Apple TV 4K works with Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) content on High Dynamic Range (HDR) TVs. In addition, the tvOS update provides users a way around the frame-pacing problems that were brought about as an outcome of the device’s default behavior of manipulating every content to play at 60Hz.

Arguably, there is one new feature that came with the newly released tvOS 11.2 version. The setting that enables you to manipulate your Apple TV to match its output customs to the episodes you watch periodically.

Review reports that were carried on the Apple TV 4K resulted in some features not being thirst-quenching as anticipated. From the reviews, for you to retain the output HDR at all times on the TVs supporting it, meant that the device had to use Apple’s processing power to convert SDR to HDR. This lead to a below-par SDR image quality on some content. Apple TV 4K too defaulted output display at 60Hz to 60Hz TVs, regardless of the fact that the source was roughly between 24Hz and 50Hz.

Despite the possibility to either manually manipulate the device to certain frame-rates or change the HDR settings in the Apple TV 4K’s settings, the range was always universal. This implies that you can force the Apple TV 4K to be in SDR mode whenever you desire to catch up with The Ballers on the HBO Now App. There is a challenge though, which needs you to go to follow complex settings menus for you to do it. And if you’ve scheduled yourself to catch up with the next upcoming episode of Narcos HDR from Apple’s iTunes store, then that will require you to again pothole the menu to have the settings right.

The level of inconvenience registered was obviously high above the standard bar, which is why Apple had to release an upgraded version of tvOS. With the new tvOS 11.2, there is a “Video & Audio” called the “Match Content,” that has toggles for both dynamic range and the frame rate. One of Apple’s spokesperson said, “We’ll use your selected display format to play content without any alterations.” He added further to say, “We can also switch formats automatically to match the content’s dynamic range and the frame rate.”

Now that this setting has been made available, the image-quality pedants can do away with the issues experienced normally. The tvOS device is more like the Roku Ultra or even the Roku Streaming Stick+, which has a switching mode all by itself depending on the content you’ve chosen.

Not to forget, tvOS 11.2 version comes with yet another significant new change. There is a Sports tab is now found in the TV App. The sports feature automatically fetches games, both past and present games from all networks that possess apps supporting this sports feature (e.g., ESPN). The apps enable you to subscribe and follow teams and clubs of your preference and get notification of their upcoming matches. With the new tvOS 11.2, the sports feature is now available on both Apple TV 4k and its previous Apple TV HD.

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