Apple gives a hint of iPhone 8 Screen & Touch ID in new patents

There have been rumors going around about the upcoming iPhone 8 and what it would entail. Among them was the location of the Touch ID function shifting from its present location, the home button. Some leakers had suggested that Apple was planning on eliminating the home button altogether, hence the need to move the Touch ID. The other rumor was about plans for an edge to edge display. Now, these two speculations seem to have been confirmed as substantial, and you could potentially see them implemented in the upcoming device.

In a report first made by Patently Apple, Apple was recently granted 56 patents by the US Patent Office. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published a list of the newly issued patents for the American tech giant on Tuesday, 16th May 2017.

Among these patents were conclusive proofs of these two of the most anticipated features in Apple’s future devices, and as you may like it, possibly iPhone 8.

In-Screen Touch ID

Apple’s newly granted patent 9,652,066 clearly explains how different material could be used to allow for a touchscreen that has the capability of recognizing fingerprints.

It sees Apple’s future devices integrate the Touch ID underneath the display. This is mentioned for the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. Though there are three different technologies, ultrasound imaging seems to get more emphasis as it’s essentially a more accurate sensor type than the capacitive one currently in use.

Apple states that this biometric authentication will not happen like traditional authentication steps. Rather, it should occur automatically as you are interacting with the device. It will just read the fingerprints from your operations, and not require you to switch tasks.

According to the patent, this will enable quicker verifications, which could, for instance, save the time used during authentication of app purchases. This auto-authentication will provide you with a more seamless experience.

“Schematic Touch ID design patent” Source: Patently Apple

Edge-to-edge Display

On another patent 9, 652, 096, Apple has plans to maximize the touchscreen interactive area of the smartphones, by bending the edges of the screen to create an edge-to-edge display.

“Schematic Screen design patent” Source: Patently Apple

Apple stated that “Further reducing the border area would nevertheless help to maximize the space available for the display/touch-active area of the device without increasing the overall size of the device.”

This bezel-less display will therefore be similar to the ‘Infinity display’ that was implemented by Samsung on their Galaxy S8, first released in late April.

This display will most probably come along with the rumored 3D Scanner, which can be used for facial recognition scanning or taking 3D selfies. The 3D scanner feature is also patented in the wave of Apple Patents, and it could depict something similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect, which is a gaming device that can map a room and the movement of a gamer.

Though we shall be eagerly anticipating to see these features implemented in the upcoming iPhone 8, it is important to note that it is not a guarantee. Some of the technology may not be ready to implement, or Apple may still choose to implement it on later devices.

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