Apple releases iOS 11.2 with Bug Fixes, Fast Wireless Charging, and Apple Pay Cash

Apple made an unusual strategy move by releasing a significant iOS update in the middle of the night. This came hours after an iOS 11 bug began crashing iPhones. The IOS 11.1.2 update had a bug that brought about iPhone crashes, whenever 3rd party applications were using repeating notifications like reminders, alarms. Come the night of December 2nd; Apple released an iOS update that was aimed at addressing the issue while being accompanied by some features. It is a tradition for the company to release iOS updates on a Tuesday, justifying the midnight release of the new iOS 11.2 update as being a quick fix to the recent crash reports.

“iOS 11.2” Source: Screenshot

The new iOS update also included a whole new feature, Apple Pay Cash in the US, or in Apple’s P2P payment services close to each other. However, Apple Pay Cash service is yet to go live, once the company flips the switch to turn on the servers. Once the servers go live, users will be able to transact money through iMessage, a direct replication of Venmo. The service has a section where users can deposit cash onto the Apple Cash Card found inside the wallet application on iOS 11.2. The cash deposit comes with an option of either purchasing goods via Apple Pay or transfer of the money to a bank account.

Fast Wireless charging is yet another awesome feature that came with the new iOS 11.2 version for both iPhone 8 and iPhone X models. The update released supports up to 7.5W Qi-based wireless charging. So if you have an iPhone 8 or iPhone X, as well as a wireless charger that supports 7.5W or more, then your device will charge faster compared to the previous wireless charging that was limited to 5W. The wireless charging feature also comes with live wallpapers for the latest Apple devices. Also, the wallpapers come along with pop-ups pointing out that the Control Center Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth toggles have changed.

iOS 11.2 version released at midnight on Saturday, came with a fix for the autocorrect bug. The bug that was most common to the previous iOS 11 that caused words like “it” to be autocorrected to “I.T,” and “is” to “I.S.” It is not all users who were affected by the bug, but there are those who experienced their keyboards suggesting “I.T” as a predictive text, with an automated autocorrect when typing “it.” Good news is, reports on Twitter, Reddit all point out that the iOS 11.2 update has fixed the bug with success. So the affected users should download and install the new iOS 11.2 version as soon as they can.

The abrupt release of the iOS 11.2 version on Saturday night came as an element of surprise. However, this release could have been triggered by the bugs that were brought about by the iOS 11 version, and Apple had to take fast measures to curb the issue. Because this update was released sooner than anticipated, then we should expect updates for macOS, tvOS, and watchOS sooner.

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