Apple’s HomePod delayed until next year

If you were holding on tightly to get yourself on Apple’s HomePod as a gift for December Holidays, then you’ll be disappointed to know that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Apple company shocked us with the disappointing news, yet relevant on Friday about their decision to postpone the release of the Siri-powered smart speaker HomePod that was scheduled for launch this December.

Needless to say, Apple HomePod is going to set new records as being the number one new hardware product since the last release of Apple smartwatch. In their press-release, Apple said that they needed more time to develop the HomePod to meet the desired standards. “We can’t wait for people to experience HomePod, Apple’s breakthrough wireless speaker for homes. However, we need more time before we release it to the consumers,” Said an Apple Spokesperson. “We’ll start shipping in the US, UK and Australia in early 2018,” the Spokesperson added.

The Siri-powered smart speaker is slated to surpass the elite high-end sound systems like the Sonos, smart assistants like Google Home and Amazon’s Echo smart speaker. Moreover, the HomePod is already priced at $349, and it is anticipated to take on the market with a great effect.

You’ll be pleased to know that the cylindrically shaped speaker is set to have a seven-speaker series of tweeters, four-inch subwoofer, and certainly a six-microphone array. These extra ordinally features all put the HomePod right on top of other smart speakers in the market. However, despite all these great features, there is a slight fall back that gives the other speakers an advantage, and that is Siri. You should know that Siri has not stroked the band to be in the same category with either Alexa or even Google Assistant in that matter. It happens that Apple is aware of this challenge. That could have been the reason why during the launch of the HomePod before heading to development; they focused on the great sounds while mentioning the Siri feature later. Normally I will conclude that as a cowardly move by a company such big, but in this case, I would term it a strategy. One which is yet to yield results.

Until now, it’s still unclear as to why Apple took such a huge move to postpone the release of the product.  Such a move isn’t something any big-player in the market will go for unless you really have a good reason as to why. Apple’s market strategists seemed to have discovered the reason why it wasn’t best to release the HomePod sooner, but rather delay. However, we still remain hopeful we’ll know the exact reason why.

With no exact dates reported yet, the release of the HomePod could take a while than expected. Nevertheless, we will remain hopeful by clinging to the vague period of early 2018 as the release date.

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