Apple’s next watch will have LTE

There are fresh rumors and reports that Apple is planning to release an LTE version of its smartwatch this year. According to reports from Bloomberg, this smartwatch will be able to connect to cellular networks. This will break the ties with the iPhone and improve its effectiveness. With this tech, the smartwatch will be able to perform many functionalities without relying on the iPhone to send messages, stream music and other capabilities that the current smartwatch does. This rumor might be true as Apple has been making wide strides trying to make their smart watches to work independently. Last year, Apple included the GPS in new models of smartwatches to track distances accurately when exercising. An LTE model was planned, but it wasn’t possible by then.

To support the LTE capability, the smartwatch will be equipped with an LTE modem. It’s reported that Intel will supply the LTE chips to be incorporated in the smartwatch. Rumors have stated that Apple is in talks with various carriers in the US and Europe that will be offering the watch. Expected carriers include; AT&T, Verizon Inc., T-Mobile and Sprint Corporation. It’s not clear if all models of the next apple watch will support the LTE capability. Apple’s known accurate leaker and KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, has also confirmed the rumors and has added some new info. Kuo says that Apple’s new smartwatch with LTE will ship later this year. They will maintain the current 38mm and 42mm form factors.

Other features to expect

Apart from the LTE connectivity and the same form factor, here is what is expected to be included in the next version of Apple Watch. This is according to rumors and other reports.

WatchOS 4

It is no doubt that Watch OS4 will be the software underneath the next Apple watch. Considering the highlights from Apple’s WWDC, this OS will be one of its kind. Most praised features included; an updated and intelligent Siri face with capabilities to display and update information dynamically, Apple pay, a new music app and also an updated Workout app with a new interface and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts included among others. Coupling this with the LTE, Apple will surely be ahead in the smartwatch sector.

FaceTime camera

This feature has been speculated for a long time. It was rumored that the next version of Apple watch would enable us to face time from our wrists. With apple including an LTE modem, a camera won’t be a hard task. It is expected to be located on the top bezel, pretty much like the design on our phones.

Micro LED display

It’s speculated that Apple will not use Apple’s Watch 2 OLED display in its next version of the smartwatch. Instead, it wants to use a more efficient technology for its wearables; Micro LED. Digi Times has also reported that Apple is planning to move to glass firm touch panels for its next version of the smartwatch

New health features

As a hardware upgrade, Apple is working on a glucose monitor for its next smartwatch. It’s reported that Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook has an Apple watch with a blood sugar tracker. Tim has been testing it, and the company’s team want to develop a non-invasive glucose monitor. According to BGR, Apple plans to use the smartwatch bands to support this capability as well as extra battery capacity.

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