Apple’s Penmanship: The pencil for iPad Pro

Smartphones and tablets are rapidly replacing the need for desktops and laptops. Apple is making this possible through their iPads. With large screens, dexterity performance is hindered a little bit. Accessing all the functionalities with high accuracy is not feasible. To address this problem, Apple invented its stylus, the Apple Pencil. And with the new iPad Pro, the real power of the Apple Pencil is manifested.

Features and Specs

The Apple Pencil is engineered to work like a computer, the technology used makes it more precise than our fingers. It’s currently priced at $99, available in a white color and it’s compatible with all iPad Pro models.  Its features and specs include; variable pressure sensitivity, a no lag latency; 20ms, tilt support, 12hrs of battery life and Bluetooth 4.1. These features give it its various functionalities which include;


Using its precision, the Apple pencil is capable of handling complex tasks with ease. It’s like a vast array of tools for a single instrument. You can design a building, retouch layers of a photo and even mark up a document. It’s also still better at one of its primary purposes; taking notes. The pencil gives you a natural paper-feel when you’re jotting down notes. With iOS11 on the way, the iPad will recognize your handwriting and even drawing. There’s also the capability of searching handwritten notes.

App interactions

Apple pencil is capable of interacting with most apps in their capabilities. This includes; making edits in word documents and spreadsheets, using your handwriting to design cards in Felt, sketch ideas on digital whiteboards via ‘,’ Annotate drawings and even make your Photoshop work easier with precision i.e. in cutting. You can also use it to interact with PDFs and Emails.

“Apple Pencil App interaction” Source: Apple

Tool for artist

The pencil can be utilized for painting purposes and even for architectural works. With variable pressure sensitivity, you can draw anything you want. The hard the press, the thicker the lines, a gentle press results to thinner lines. The ProMotion technology in the iPad Pro ensures 20ms latency is lightning fast; no lags, the overall response is natural and smooth. The palm rejection technology in iPad Pro lets you rest your arm on the screen as you are drawing.

“A tool for artists” Illustration: Christian Tate

Shading has never been simpler before until the Pencil arrived; tilt sensors in the Pencil made sure of this. Tilting the pencil creates a shade. The degree of the shade varies according to the tilt. The sensors calculate the angle and their relative position is picked up by the detectors in the display, that’s how it works.

Despite all the goodies the Pencil unpacks, there are a few downsides that you need to cope with when using it. Since it doesn’t come with the iPad, you need to find a suitable place to store it. Aesthetics incorporated on the Pencil makes it a great design. This is somehow bad since it can’t settle on flat surfaces. The Pencil also needs you to be more careful with it, the lightning protector cap is small and can get lost when detached.

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