4 iPhone Accessories for Savvy Musicians

If you are a musician and an iPhone owner, you are probably well aware of the wide range of apps that are designed for music creation.

However, as well as apps, there are several accessories that can be purchased to enhance the music-making capabilities of your iPhone.

Let’s take a look at 4 iPhone compatible accessories that are specifically designed to be used alongside your iPhone.

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Want to Transform your Smartphone into a VR Headset? Read This!

So, you want to experience virtual reality, but don’t want to fork out for the Oculus Rift or the PlayStation VR?

Well luckily, you don’t have to…

You could just convert your smartphone into a virtual reality headset!

By doing this, not only will you save yourself some cash, you’ll also get the chance to discover 360-degree videos,  become a part of your favorite games and jump right on the VR bandwagon!

Here are three top smartphones that can be turned into a virtual reality headset:

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6 tricks to free up space on your iPhone

Isn’t it just so annoying when you go to install a new app, only to find that you haven’t got enough space on your phone?

Naturally you begin to think of what apps you could live without, and scroll through your photos to delete old ones.

Whilst those are quick ways to free up space on your phone, here are 4 tricks to free up space on your phone without taking drastic measures.

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Must-have accessories for your Galaxy S8

So, you’ve unboxed your brand new Samsung Galaxy s8, explored the new features, and set it up – all ready for use, but there’s still one more thing left to do…

Kit it out with some cool accessories of course!

You can purchase some pretty awesome accessories for your Samsung S8, to enhance your productivity, boost the battery on the go and protect your beloved device!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the accessories that you can purchase to enhance the capabilities of your phone.

We’ll break down the accessories into the following 3 categories: power, productivity, and protection.

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