Apple patches CPU flaw in iOS

A few days into 2018 researchers made it clear that they had found severe vulnerability flaws in CPUs that could leak sensitive information to attackers and hackers in the cyber realm. These CPU flaws nearly affect all chips made by Intel, AMD and ARM holdings. These three players being the top of the CPU games, this means the flaw affects almost all devices with the said chips. Apple, which uses the chips was not spared either; it acknowledged that nearly all its products except the Watches were affected by the flaws. Apple further said at the moment the flaws can’t be exploited to impact the users as one needs a malicious app loaded in one of the products. Continue reading “Apple patches CPU flaw in iOS”

Apple fixes SDR content on its 4k TV with tvOS 11.2

Apple released an updated version of tvOS for both the fourth-gen Apple TV and Apple TV 4K. This update came moments after Apple had released an iOS 11.2. It is a minor update, yet very significant, as it addresses on the biggest Apple TV 4K complaints. Needless to say, the tvOS 11.2 tops up the previously halted sports section to the TV app. This new feature gives users the freedom to play around with settings of how the Apple TV 4K works with Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) content on High Dynamic Range (HDR) TVs. In addition, the tvOS update provides users a way around the frame-pacing problems that were brought about as an outcome of the device’s default behavior of manipulating every content to play at 60Hz. Continue reading “Apple fixes SDR content on its 4k TV with tvOS 11.2”

Battle between Qualcomm and Apple Continues following the release of iPhone X

If you thought that the legal battle between Qualcomm and Apple is coming to a close, then you have another thing coming. Qualcomm filed a series of new legal cases, among them is the file seeking to ban specific iPhone X operated by both AT&T and T-Mobile. Three new lawsuits have been filed indicating that Apple is infringing 16 Qualcomm patents with iPhones 7, 8, and X, not forgetting the Plus models.

Continue reading “Battle between Qualcomm and Apple Continues following the release of iPhone X”

Apple releases iOS 11.2 with Bug Fixes, Fast Wireless Charging, and Apple Pay Cash

Apple made an unusual strategy move by releasing a significant iOS update in the middle of the night. This came hours after an iOS 11 bug began crashing iPhones. The IOS 11.1.2 update had a bug that brought about iPhone crashes, whenever 3rd party applications were using repeating notifications like reminders, alarms. Come the night of December 2nd; Apple released an iOS update that was aimed at addressing the issue while being accompanied by some features. It is a tradition for the company to release iOS updates on a Tuesday, justifying the midnight release of the new iOS 11.2 update as being a quick fix to the recent crash reports. Continue reading “Apple releases iOS 11.2 with Bug Fixes, Fast Wireless Charging, and Apple Pay Cash”

3 Best Free iPhone Games for 2017

As 2017 is coming to an end, we have taken our time to round-up the best free iPhone games in 2017 for you. Like any other day, when searching for free iPhone games, you’re obliged to take caution of the irritating in-app purchase games, let alone pop-up adverts. Now when it comes to in-app purchase games, you need to be careful, gets worse if you happen to have kids, because you’ll want to impose parental control. The results if you don’t take caution, is the unpleasant bill statement you’ll receive. Continue reading “3 Best Free iPhone Games for 2017”

Will this be the end of iPhone Jailbreaking?

Apple went all ace by releasing the latest iOS 11 software which is even harder to jailbreak. And even though understanding and getting to jailbreak your Apple device has been a menace in the past, Apple has now devised a new way to solve the problem. Therefore, you shouldn’t get your hopes up, by getting weighed down by the guys who originally made jailbreaking a huge craze. Moreover, despite the realism that the U.S.A. copyright policy allows for iPhone jailbreaking, the tradition seems to be on its last voyage. Continue reading “Will this be the end of iPhone Jailbreaking?”

Apple’s HomePod delayed until next year

If you were holding on tightly to get yourself on Apple’s HomePod as a gift for December Holidays, then you’ll be disappointed to know that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Apple company shocked us with the disappointing news, yet relevant on Friday about their decision to postpone the release of the Siri-powered smart speaker HomePod that was scheduled for launch this December. Continue reading “Apple’s HomePod delayed until next year”

Future iPhones may have a laser-based 3D sensor

Not a while ago, we saw Apple release its latest iPhone flagship; the mighty iPhone X into the market. Already the market is flooded with curious users who are hungry for the latest iPhone products, vastly purchasing the device. While this wild hunt is ongoing; there are rumors about Apple’s next move to introduce to the market an even newer version of iPhone, come the year 2019. Continue reading “Future iPhones may have a laser-based 3D sensor”

Samsung Wireless charger for iPhone X

If you head out to the phones accessories shops today, you’ll come across a ton of wireless chargers, all with different price points. These chargers have the right balanced price, convenient speed of charging and suited for iPhone users. An impressive feature that one should look at when getting a charger is the grip it has on a phone, preventing vibrations of the endless, boring phone notifications. Continue reading “Samsung Wireless charger for iPhone X”

Nike’s Limited-Edition midnight fog Apple watch series 3 with LTE

Nike recently made it public about their plans to launch a limited-edition Midnight Fog Apple Watch Series 3. This particular product comes with an LTE technology that is contrived to match their yet-to-launch Air VaporMax running shoes. The watch is now available at all major Nike stores, and it will retail for $399. It is also good to know that the running shoes; Air VaporMax will as well be available for $190. Continue reading “Nike’s Limited-Edition midnight fog Apple watch series 3 with LTE”