iOS 11: 5 Features we wish to see

Apple is expected to unveil major tech advancements during its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2017) this month. Among them, is the overhauled Apple’s next update, iOS 11. At this event, we will get an insight on its new features and what devices will be compatible with the upgrade. Although there are concrete rumors of what the update will have, we can’t be sure yet. Waiting a few days for the real details won’t hurt. Nevertheless, here is a wish list of features we would like to see. Continue reading “iOS 11: 5 Features we wish to see”

iPhone 8 Mockup: Leaked real-life photos of what to expect

Everyone has heard a ton of rumors regarding the next anticipated iPhone flagship dubbed as the iPhone 8. With the most recent mockup leak, you can now believe some of the rumors and debunk others. From photos obtained by BGR, the mockup is in line with the design schematics from factories that will build the awaited Apple’s 10th-anniversary flagship. With Apple recently acquiring patents on the edge to edge screen and Touch ID, this mockup is likely to represent what the iPhone will look like since it clearly shows the edge to edge screen.

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iPhone’s 10th Birthday: 3 iPhone 8 rumored surprises, and a free gift?

It’s been a decade since the first iPhone was unveiled.

“Apple is going to reinvent the phone” Jobs boldly declared on stage during the Macworld conference back in 2007.

Jobs was right about that.

The ultra-modern, simplistic design superseded phones with physical keyboards and numeric keypads, that we were once accustomed to, (which was impressive in itself!) but the iOS software, is what really revolutionised the way we interact with our mobiles. Continue reading “iPhone’s 10th Birthday: 3 iPhone 8 rumored surprises, and a free gift?”