Samsung Wireless charger for iPhone X

If you head out to the phones accessories shops today, you’ll come across a ton of wireless chargers, all with different price points. These chargers have the right balanced price, convenient speed of charging and suited for iPhone users. An impressive feature that one should look at when getting a charger is the grip it has on a phone, preventing vibrations of the endless, boring phone notifications. Continue reading “Samsung Wireless charger for iPhone X”

Samsung’s New Gear Icon X: Truly Wireless Earbuds

Since the release of the iconic wireless earbuds during the launch of the Gear IconX, market trends have proved the product to be a success. Motivated by their latest plunder from the tech, Samsung went ahead and put their developers to work, and good news to them, the operation yielded. The company has now released an updated version with while retaining the initial name. Good news is, the new version is going to solve issues experienced from the previous version. The battery life-span, and a better wireless performance all in one package. Continue reading “Samsung’s New Gear Icon X: Truly Wireless Earbuds”

Smartphones’ Push Notifications, Are They Necessary Anymore?

Push notifications, lots of them are becoming a bother in life. Connect your smartphone to the internet and download three, four applications to your phone, and your life is ruined already. All you’ll be getting is a cacophonous, non-stop waterfall of notifications, continually streaming on the notification area. If you don’t know how to tailor your apps notifications to ‘do not disturb,’ you might want to throw your phone away. Continue reading “Smartphones’ Push Notifications, Are They Necessary Anymore?”

Samsung Galaxy S9 New Speculations

Since tech giants are launching no more smartphones, rumor mills are back. And this time, they want every leak to be on point; no more surprises. The focus is now on the next Samsung flagship; the rumors call it the Samsung Galaxy S9. According to rumors that have been lying around, even the iPhone X won’t be a worthy competitor. Analyzing the trend that Samsung has been following, the S9 will indeed be a powerful smartphone as every galaxy iteration is always stronger than the predecessor. Here are the latest rumor roundups as of now and you should take them with a pinch of salt. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S9 New Speculations”

A new a competitor for Apple and Samsung

Samsung and Apple have for about a decade been the top players in the smartphone business, with them raking billions of dollars in profits over the years. Their flagship high-end phones have barely suffered from any other competition, even though mid-range phone manufacturers like Huawei have had a commendable market share in the mid-range market.

However, a giant that had long been assumed dead is making a comeback to the scene, Nokia Continue reading “A new a competitor for Apple and Samsung”