Everything you need to know about iOS 13.3

The year is about to come to an end, and Apple has successfully managed to squeeze in a final update on its iOS. iOS 13 has had a few hitches along the way including many bugs that were reported earlier. It comes as no surprise that the giant tech company released yet another update.

The update (which brings the number of iOS 13 updates to 9) packs several cool inclusions. Amongst other features, the new update will be able to support the functionality of physical security keys. It additionally comes with parental control features. Read on and discover other cool features that come along with the latest update.

FIDO2 Security Key Support

“FIDO” Source: FIDO

Perhaps the most significant inclusion is in the security update, which will allow users to use FIDO2-compliant security keys with Safari. The security keys will greatly improve account protection. Security keys are also much easier to use. Apple also added that the new update would allow one to use any NFC or USB on his/her iPhone.

At the moment, several web services such as Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Outlook already support security keys. This makes iOS’s support of these keys remarkable progress as security keys nearly solve the ‘robust authentication’ problem.

To try this on your device, you, first, have to get a security key. Yubikey 5Ci is your best bet because of its compatibility. Note that, at the moment, YubiKey support is limited. On the Brightside, YubiKey creator Yubico can protect your online accounts in the case a service doesn’t support security keys. This is possible by using the Yubico authenticator app. Losing your physical key can be a real problem, so ensure it is safely kept.

Communication Limits

The new update will also have something for parents, Communication Limits. This feature will give parents control of who can communicate with their children. On a children’s account, parents will now have an option to restrict communication to only contacts that have been approved. However, this will only be in Apple’s core application, i.e., Message, iCloud, Facetime and Phone. Parents will also be able to manage their children’s contact list.

You can even exclusively limit the children’s communication to family members. This can be the case when Screen Time Limits are up. For instance, when it is time for the children to do assignments or chores, parents can block all their communication with an exception – say to ‘dad ‘and ‘mum.’ Note that some third-party apps can still allow kids to communicate with other people. By and large, Communication Limits are a much welcome addition.

Other Updates

Besides the significant security and privacy inclusions, iOS 13.3 will also have minor updates. As reported (iDB) by Beta testers, there has been a considerable improvement in RAM management. You can also save a trimmed video (Photos app) as a new video. The update will also bring along a few changes in the design of Apple News+ as well as a Stocks app update. This latest OS update is already out and available to all supported devices.

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