Fossil’s new Android Wear smartwatch

In efforts to observe its Q line of smartwatches, Fossil announced a new watch called the Q control. The elite smartwatch comes packed with a touchable screen bezel which allows its users to scroll through the screen interface. The watch runs on an Android Wear while coming with a 45mm, a water resistance circular case, not to mention, a 20mm watchband. Its design is relatively reductivism, with just a single button at its side-interface. 

The Fossil Q Control has the best record as being the watchmaker’s first stab at a sporty smartwatch. Equipped with both GPS and a heart-rate monitoring on board. Needless to say, it’s capability to be tethered to any smartphone. The watch features a 45mm circular case measuring up to 14mm in thickness. Its straps are interchangeable; armed with a 20mm silicone sports design and a 2-tone accent. This feature has since made the Fossil Q Control to be the best smartwatch well equipped for the gym.

Did you know that the Q control is notably a rebranded version of the Misfit Vapor? Vapor, a brand launched in the year 2015, retailed at $260 million at the moment. Nevertheless, Fossil is releasing a different version of the watch, while retaining the same features inclusive of the touchscreen bezel. A move that was devised to increase customer options, and to be more effective to the consumers in the market. Thus, attracting masses of consumers who’ve never heard of Misfit and have a trusting touch of the Fossil when we turn focus to the accessories sector.

The Misfit Vapor detached itself from the qualities it was anticipated to have, and thus the product lost its market income, with just a single shipping recorded last month. Knowing the predicament that befalls the company to the sale of the Vapor, the move to unveil the Q control Android watch was a move to help them get back to the market. The Fossil Q Control watch is now available in both the stores and on Fossil’s e-commerce website; retailing at $275. It is important I mention that the new Fossil Q Control only comes in black.

If you’re out there in search of a Fossil watch with the best tech smarts but aren’t so much enamoured with an Android Wear, then the Fossil Q Control is your choice. The Fossil Group is probably the most prolific Android Wear brand there is. With their array of Fossil branded smartwatches on sale, Fossil is set to record the best seller of Android Wear in the smartwatch market. Moreover, there are numerous devices falling in the category under a number of its brands. The Michael Kors Access range, the Diesel on Full Guard, and the Emporio Armani Connected just to mention a few.

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