Future iPhones may have a laser-based 3D sensor

Not a while ago, we saw Apple release its latest iPhone flagship; the mighty iPhone X into the market. Already the market is flooded with curious users who are hungry for the latest iPhone products, vastly purchasing the device. While this wild hunt is ongoing; there are rumors about Apple’s next move to introduce to the market an even newer version of iPhone, come the year 2019. Knowing this fact alone, makes you imagine what Apple is undergoing currently to make the new-upcoming device to be even better and interesting. Apparently, according to Bloomberg, Apple is already deep into the development stage of coming up with a new 3D sensor. The 3D sensor will be installed on the back of the future iPhones, with the aim of improving the company’s developing augmented reality applications.

According to the reports about the supposedly technology in progress, they all suggest that the technology will work by shooting lasers out of the iPhone. The system will, in turn, measure the time taken for the reflection to get back and establish a depth information. However, the same depth information can be generated by the use of dual cameras, with the likes of Apple. Through the infrared-based face ID tech, it allows for gracing of the notch on the front-side of the mighty iPhone X. Google also isn’t left behind, as it is already using the tech, by making use of the dual pixel in its recent Pixel 2 camera. The system is able to produce enough parallax effect for better results. Nevertheless, Apple’s new technology of the laser 3D sensor, it is expected that better, more precise and robust results are going to be realized.

Further reports from Bloomberg indicate that Apple is currently laying strategies of wooing suppliers for the 3D sensor technology. Even though all these efforts are reportedly made by Apple, there is no absolute guarantee this tech will make it to the yet to come to 2019 iPhone. However, it is clear by now that techs like the True Depth sensors that are found integrated with the face ID of the iPhone X are permanently staying. Knowing this fact, Apple is now working to create a 3D sensor that will be integrated on the back of the 2019 iPhone, so as to create awareness on both sides of the phone.

Knowing about Apple’s ARKit, we all can agree that the introduction of the laser 3D sensor system to the 2019 iPhone will greatly boost the reality apps. Moreover, Apple’s ARKit is already on course, demonstrating cool and impressive examples of augmented reality on iOS gadgets. Hence the only logic remaining is for Apple to introduce the laser 3D sensor to scale this developments further.

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