Getting Started with iOS 11 Control Center

One of the most notable changes in the iOS 11 for many users is the new control center. Apple has done a complete overhaul of the old multi-pane system, and the new one puts everything in a single central location. After a long time, Apple is now making it possible for you as the user to customize some parts of the Control Center.

A New Design

If you swipe iOS 11 for the first time, it will throw you a little off balance. The first thing you will probably notice about the new Control Center is the deviation from a small set of controls at the bottom of the page to a whole page that makes it look a little bit too widgety.

“iOS11 control center” Source:Cnet

The good news is everything you need is on the first page meaning you won’t have to scroll to find the item you are looking for. If you tap on an icon, it brings a bigger menu with all its features. If you tap on the music control icon, for instance, you will get a larger music menu which enables you to switch the music from playing in the internal speakers to maybe your Bluetooth headphones.

Customize the Control Center

This is probably the highlight of the new iOS Control Center. The new feature allows you to add a shortcut to a phone feature that you will want quick access. All you will need to do is go to the settings menu and then choose Control Center. From there you can select “Customize Controls” and then go ahead and select the feature you want to create a shortcut for. Some of the options include:

  • Apple TV Remote
  • Wallet
  • Voice Memos
  • Magnifier
  • Flashlight
  • Do Not Disturb While Driving

While there is a lot of stuff you can add, be careful not to add too many toggles as this will make your Control Center a tad too confusing. It is probably better to consider the size of your list before customizing your buttons.

Smart Airplane Mode

This may be a small change, but you will find it convenient. When you turn your iPhone or iPad into airplane mode, usually Wi-Fi and Bluetooth get disabled as well. Not with the new control center. You will switch to airplane mode and still be able to enjoy Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so you’ll be able to listen to music from your Bluetooth headsets and all that. Wi-fi and Bluetooth are not designed to shut off all when you use the iOS Control Center. This may be a bit annoying but is intended to ensure you keep enjoying features like AirDrop and also retain the connection with your Apple Watch.

Multitasking On the iPad

While you can split your iPad’s screen like before, the new control center allows you to set your “skinny” app on each side. The two apps will then be paired together in the multitasking view.

“iOS11 Multi-tasking” Source:Cnet

Additionally, you can add another third app a “slide over” view where it will kind of hang on your other apps. You can dismiss and recall the app with a simple swipe from the screen’s side.

While the changes require some time to get used to, you will surely find them convenient over time compared to earlier versions.

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