Google Pixel 4a: Release date and specs

In 2019, Google released budget-friendly Pixel phones, the Pixel 3a, and the 3a XL. Although they lacked the premium feel, the 3a devices packed incredible specs, great quality and excellent camera performance as compared to other mid-range smartphones. This year, rumor has it that Google will also release a mid-range Pixel phone, the Google Pixel 4a. If the 3a devices awed you, the midrange Pixel 4a is even better according to the rumor mills. Here are a rumor roundup and various leaks on what to expect on Google’s latest mid-range smartphone.

The Pixel 4a design

According to various renders, leaks, and from the 2019 3a insight, the Pixel 4a devices will not feature a glass look, but they will instead come in plastic. Despite using a plastic build, the Pixel 4a devices will feature the look from their Pixel 4 flagships. That’s, they will retain the flagship finish, a unibody design, have the same colors and even be more glossy.

On the front, things are expected to be different. The Pixel 4a will be the first Google phone to feature a screen cutout for the front camera. Other design specs include a 3.5mm headphone jack, speaker grilles, a USB-C port, and of course, there will be a rear camera.


The latest rumor mills suggest that the Pixel 4a will pack some of the latest specs in the industry. But being a midrange, some specs will be made to fit the market price. Without further ado, here are the performance specs. It is expected that the Pixel 4a devices will run on the latest Android operating system, Android 10. A Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (730 for 4a and 765 for 4a XL) will power them and probably support 5G. They will sport a 4GB RAM with an internal storage of 64GB. Pretty powerful specs for a mid-range phone.

Rear camera

The Pixel 4 flagship devices were the first Google Pixel phones to debut a dual-camera system. According to rumors and renders, the Pixel 4a is expected to continue with Google’s tradition of a single camera. The 4a devices are expected to have the Pixel 4’s 12MP primary sensor. As usual, Google will use its powerful camera software for jaw-dropping pics on the 4a devices. As always, the camera should be impressive, given that smartphone photography is the new trend in smartphones.

Features that will not make it to the Pixel 4a

It is expected that most features from the Pixel 4 flagship will also debut in the Pixel 4a midrange Pixel. What will miss in the package include the new Face Unlock and Motion Sense hand gestures. From the renders, there is no bezel for this feature to fit, as the Pixel 4a will have a cut out for only the front camera. The Fingerprint sensor will still reign on the Pixel phones after all.

Release date and price

The Google Pixel 3a was announced during last year’s Google I/O that took place in May. It is expected that the Google Pixel 4a will debut during this year’s Google I/O that is likely to take place in May.  Regarding its price, being a mid-range phone, the Pixel 4a will be affordable. The price might be the same as that of last year’s Pixel 3a devices.

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