Google’s Android 8.1 Oreo is Publicly Shaming Battery Killing Apps

Google took huge steps in their development strategy by releasing the Android 8.1 OS update in December. While users are still testing the update, there are some features which are already attracting a large number of users. In particular, a newly discovered feature on the Android 8.1 has taken the attention of almost all users. The killer of battery-killing apps feature alerts users about the apps that are killing the battery life even when the display of the phone is off. In the previous versions of Android, the problem of some apps killing the battery life was some of the greatest problems. Hence, Google had to go to the labs so they can develop a solution to the issue.

With the update installed on your Android phone, you can view which apps are consuming the battery life even when the screen is turned off. Good news is, this feature comes already integrated into the system settings, and not as a third-party application.

Since the introduction of smartphones, battery life has always recorded high on the problems chart. It gets worse when one can’t pinpoint which specific apps are draining the battery life when the phone display is turned off. “Wakelock,” as a tech-savvy will call it, is the situation where the phone-screen is turned off, but still some apps continue running and obtaining information from the system. This situation makes it hard for the phone to go into the deep sleep mode (a mode that is meant to conserve the battery life.) You will agree with me that smartphones present a lot to the table, yet they take a huge toll on the battery life. Now, why is that? It saddens that no smartphone manufacturer was able to figure a way around the problem. Given the some of the major technological breakthroughs they’ve cracked, it remains a mistery why the one, yet major issue has remained unsolved.

The embarrassment we’ve all been experiencing, where you play a game on your phone for minutes, all of a sudden you get that expected notification of “battery low.” Annoying, isn’t it? Nevertheless, since the introduction of the Android 8.1 Developer Preview, there was a flicker of hope that was given by Google’s team of developers. A handy tool that was designated to solve the battery life problem, not wholly at least.

Now with the official release of the feature publicly along the launch of Android 8.1 Oreo, the Battery settings are now going to highlight apps with a red-warning icon alerting its users to take action. We were pleased to hear from the folks at Android Place when they shared that the Google Maps Preview app was topping the charts as the one over using the battery even when the phone display was turned off. Also, apps like Tile were top of the list of the apps draining the battery life with arrogance. One thing observed from these two apps, is that both required to use location and navigation features, thus draining both data and battery so much.

While we’re still enjoying the services of the new feature, it yet to be clear whether this problem of battery life is going to be solved. Like AP, we too hope that someday to come; the feature will be superior enough to solve issues to do with system functions like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

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