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In android smartphones, storage gets filled up faster due to temporary files and caches dumped by apps. There’s no easy way of cleaning up what’s disposed of by your apps unless you do it in the settings and on each app individually. This is a tiresome process especially if you have 200 apps on your Android. At times we have apps that we don’t even use, and they are just consuming resources and making our Androids to slow down. To address this issue, Google LLC released an app; Files Go. Unlike your usual file manager, Google’s Files Go offers much more as seen below.

A ‘free space’ utility

“Storage” Source: Google

Once you have installed and opened the app, you will get a detailed view of your storage capacity of your device such as how much space has been used by apps and other files. In the recent update, you can also manage files on your external storage as Files Go now supports MicroSD cards. Below the storage view section, you will also get personalized space clean up suggestions showing apps you haven’t used in the past 4 weeks, duplicate files, unnecessary cache files and other files you have on your Android. You can tap on each of the suggestions and then choose what to clean and what to spare. And by that, you will have claimed your usable storage; there’s always something to delete.

Find files faster

“File Viewer” Source: Google

This app also offers a simplistic and straightforward file viewer. The file viewer can be accessed at the bottom of the app where there’s a Files tab. The file viewer is organized neatly into basic categories such as downloads, received files, apps, images, videos, audio, and documents. The categories don’t sort the files from their respective folders but just as a collection, e.g., all your videos will be located in the videos section regardless of which folder they are located. This is great as you can manage the files directly without having to look for them in their respective folders

Back up files to the cloud

“Save to cloud” Source: Google

As you are managing your files in the file viewer, Files Go also gives you an option to back up your files before you delete them. The share button allows you to select files that you want to back up to either Google Drive or other cloud services available on your Android such as Dropbox.

Sharing offline

“Share files offline” Source: Google

Android offers many ways of sharing files with other people such as your friends, and in most models, you need to install another app to be able to share files while you are offline. But with Files Go, you get two kill two birds with a single stone – manage storage and share your files without installing other apps – this also allows you to save space. When sharing files while offline, the recipient will have to accept the connection for you to be able to send the files, this eliminates the possibilities of sending files to strangers. It uses a secure hotspot, and so the recipient must be within your device’s range. To use this feature, the sender and the recipient need to access the files tab and then select send or receive and follow other prompts for the transfer to be possible.


Files Go offers other settings such as changing the File sharing name and also set control alerts for triggers such as low storage.

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