How to fix a freezing smartphone

Smartphones are meant to better our lives, but that’s not the case, at times they end up being a problem and become the most frustrating thing especially when they freeze, or their performance isn’t what you expected. Freezing is caused by some factors and the soon you know the problem, the soon you can fix it. Most freezing instances are caused by corrupt memory, conflicting apps and the Operating System itself and even the underlying hardware.

For instance, budget smartphones have low-end specs; a smaller amount of RAM, a lesser memory, and a not so fast CPU. This are the smartphones you need to worry about because they may experience freezing more often which is as a result of overloading the hardware. Another case is the use of external memory cards; they are responsible for the corrupt file system, and this is the reason why Apple doesn’t allow them on their iPhones. In Android, there’s a way of dealing with the SD card problem hence not much of a fuss. Nevertheless, various apps in android use what we call a cache where they dump their garbage which fills up over time and makes the phone to slow down. Below are ways in which you can resolve the freezing problem.

Reboot your smartphone

This is a trick that almost works on all computing devices which aren’t working as they are supposed to. Its commonly used in desktops and laptops and never fails to solve the problem. This is because rebooting your device flushes the memory and also force closes hard to close apps which clog or cause a conflict with other apps. The best thing about a reboot is that you don’t need to worry about your data. To reboot your device, follow the detailed procedure as different smartphones have different ways. Some involve holding the power button while others involve holding the sleep/wake button.

Clear App’s data or Uninstall the offending app

Rogue apps are often the culprit that cause your smartphone to freeze. If you reboot your device and still the freezing problem persists, it must be an app, and this is where problem-solving becomes a hard task. You’ll first have to look for the rogue app and then uninstall it; this can be time-consuming at times. Luckily, smartphones these days can just tell you which app is causing the problem. Head over to the app and try clearing its data, force stopping it or even uninstall and reinstall it. If the problem persists, it might be the developer’s problem, and you might just have to do away with the app. sometimes it might be your phone and not the app. head over to the Appstore and check other people’s reviews, if nobody is complaining, the problem is definitely your phone.

Restore Your smartphone to its Factory settings

If you are sure the problem is the phone itself, there’s still one thing you can do, a factory reset. But before you do it, make sure you have backed up all your important data to your cloud service or somewhere else where you can restore it later. This is because resetting your device will make it lose everything. i.e., it will become as new as it was when you bought it.

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