How to Free up Space in Android

In the Android realm, there are a lot of things that your Android can do but also there are some limitations; the core limitation that seems to bother every android user is the inadequate space manufacturers provide. For the budget phones, which come with the 16GB or 32GB storage, the situation is worse especially if let’s say you are gamer. A single heavy android game can occupy up to 3GB of space. If you also like taking pic and videos, this limited storage gets filled up faster, and soon your Android won’t be ticking well performance wise. But worry not as this guide will show you the basics of claiming back your storage.

Use an external storage

Unless you are new to android, the phone you bought should have a slot for an external MicroSD. This slot should have support to give you expandable external storage of about 128GB and above depending on the “beastliness” of your device. Once you have the MicroSD card, set it in that it’s the default storage in your phone. By doing this, your phone will spare your internal storage and store everything on the external storage. You can also go ahead and start moving content from the internal memory to it. Content to move include Apps via settings, images, and videos via the file manager and anything else that you might have downloaded or copied to the internal storage. There only one thing you should know about the external storage, don’t lose the MicroSD card.

Delete WhatsApp media

Unless you have et your WhatsApp to not automatically download pictures and video, you might notice that the WhatsApp folder is over 5GB, that’s if you are in many active groups. In this case, if you don’t have an SD card, you have to delete old media files that have no value for you. If you can’t delete them from your gallery, go to Internal storage > WhatsApp > Media and discard what you don’t need. You can also delete backups if you have set your WhatsApp to backup to google account.

Use your Google Drive

Every android device comes with or at least supports Google’s cloud storage; Google Drive. This cloud storage offers you a free 15GB of storage, and in some models(Pixels), you get an unlimited storage space for your images. This free 15GB storage is a lifesaver especially when your device doesn’t support a MicroSD card. This drive also provides you with backing up options for your files, apps and other folders that you specify. This works if you have a Google account. With Google Drive, you can also migrate all of your data to a new device with just a sign into your google account. Backing to the drive uses the internet, remember to use WIFI.

Delete unwanted apps, games, and downloads

If you have a couple of apps and games that you don’t use anymore, do yourself and your android a favor by uninstalling them via settings. Unused apps not only occupies space but also use the RAM and Battery juice for their background services. Don’t be afraid to uninstall a paid app since you can always restore the purchases with just a click as long as you’re using the same account.

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