iOS 11 developer beta 5 has been released, and there are speculations that a look at the screen might silence notifications in iPhone8

Apple wants to ensure that iOS 11 will be the best thing ever their users will get. Since its inception, Apple has been rolling out beta updates to interested developers and the general public to test. From the updates, Apple is constantly giving us insights on what we should expect in September later this year. Developers who paid to access this update have already received it, and it will be available for those who are in the public beta program. It’s said that Apple has been testing this new update for months.

If you had installed an earlier version of iOS 11 developers’ preview, you can get this new update easily. Just click update in the settings of your device. If you had no earlier version and you intend to run this on your device, make sure you have an extra device. This is because the beta updates may have a lot of bugs, performance issues and won’t work as expected. It’s not for your daily uses, but for testing purposes. Apple had earlier on announced that messages would be stored in an iCloud database and this feature was expected to be in this update. But this beta had nothing of the sort. Maybe in the coming update.

As Apple keeps rolling updates, it has been discovered that the notifications can be silenced by just looking at the phone. These hints were discovered from a library file from an early build of the HomePod firmware. It is reported that this firmware was accidentally leaked and experts have discerned a lot of details from it. Including iPhone 8’s design and its facial recognition.

“iPhone 8 design from HomePod Firmware code” Sources; Guilherme Rambo

Based on earlier leaks, apple has been working on a facial recognition technology that will replace the Touch ID. This tech has been codenamed ‘Pearl ID.’ These previous leaks stated that this facial technology would include 3D sensors coupled with infrared technology. Without the Touch ID, this new tech will be used as a new form of biometric authentication. The leaks also stated that Apple’s technology to embed the fingerprint sensor in the display wasn’t ready and it will take a lot of time to develop fully. Other reports also stated that apple didn’t want to use the Touch ID let alone placing it at the back of its 10th-anniversary phone.

If Apple implements this new ‘standby’ facial technology, authentication will be taken to a whole new level in smartphones; hands-free. The performance of apps will be faster as the apps will skip the additional security layers which require passwords or fingerprints. This is because the phone will always be aware if you are looking at it or not. This mechanism will also make locking and unlocking the phone to be instantaneous. We are still waiting on security risks case scenarios.

It’s not yet clear if this technology will be on all iPhone models that will be announced this fall. But from speculation, only the anniversary phone will have these high-end features. The others may just have a taste, i.e. an augmented reality camera configuration but with the standard or upgraded Touch ID sensor. All that is left is to wait for more leaks and updates.

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