iPhone 8 Mockup: Leaked real-life photos of what to expect

Everyone has heard a ton of rumors regarding the next anticipated iPhone flagship dubbed as the iPhone 8. With the most recent mockup leak, you can now believe some of the rumors and debunk others. From photos obtained by BGR, the mockup is in line with the design schematics from factories that will build the awaited Apple’s 10th-anniversary flagship. With Apple recently acquiring patents on the edge to edge screen and Touch ID, this mockup is likely to represent what the iPhone will look like since it clearly shows the edge to edge screen.

From the mock up images, the front part is bezel-less with a 2.5D curved glass panel display. It is still unclear if the Touch ID sensors will be embedded in the display since there’s no indication of it being at the back. It’s also not visible from the dummy. But with an edge to edge display, one thing is clear; there will be no home button. The display’s edges curve slightly into a polished stainless steel frame at the sides as previously rumored. This frame is well rounded and maintains Apple’s aesthetic design rules.

“iPhone 8 mockup front image” Source: BGR

On the rear side, this dummy sports a vertical protruding camera bump. This bump hosts the vertical dual camera lens, a LED flash, and a background noise cancellation mic. This protruding vertical arrangement is said to be as a result of sensors that are to be fitted on the front side of the iPhone. These sensors will be used for facial recognition and 3D depth sensing. From rumors, this camera is believed to be similar to the one on iPhone 7 plus; same optical zoom capability, except this one will also sport augmented reality capabilities.
The mockup also shows that the entire back side is also made of glass in which its edges sink into the side frame stainless steel. This frame is literally sandwiched between the curved display panel and the rear glass panel. This also confirms the fact that iPhone 8 will support wireless charging – wireless charging is capable through a glass casing and not via the aluminum housing that is normally used to make the iPhone body.

“iPhone 8 mockup back image” Source: BGR

The bottom side is similar to that of iPhone 7; there’s no 3.5mm headphone jack port. It’s now clear that Apple will continue to use the lightning port for audio/external connections in its future flagships.

“iPhone 8 mockup bottom image” Source: BGR

Other visible features from the mock up include an enlarged power button, volume up and down buttons, a mute switch, and a SIM card holder.

“iPhone 8 mockup sides image” Source: BGR

The sleekness in the mock up design is one of the best things you wish to feel as you hold the iPhone 8. This radical design was to make the experience seamless. Even though the camera bump on the rear side is not okay at all, all we hope is that this flagship will be worth the wait. While this mockup seems to be what is expected, it’s not guaranteed that iPhone 8 will be exactly as depicted in the images. Apple may adopt another design but with minimal changes. What is left is to expect more real life photos and maybe another dummy mock up.

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