It’s almost Showdown between Apple & Samsung

Apple and Samsung have been the monarchs in the high-end smartphone market for some years now, and they have continually battled it out for the market share and profits. Now, the two tech giants are set for another big face-off, as one has already launched its new flagship device.

There have been hundreds of rumors flying around all over the internet as the anticipation of these new gadgets continues. Keeping track of all these rumors can be exhausting, especially if you are not sure which of the two high-end devices you should get, or if you are a keen follower of smartphone technology trends.

The heat on these two phones has continued to rise over the past few months, with questions on which device will outsell the other going without a confident answer.

On August 23rd, Samsung finally launched the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The smartphone is lashed with a gorgeous display and powerful specs, and it’s designed to be an absolute beast! With the iPhone also set to be launched most probably within the next month, it’s almost showdown for these giant tech companies. Which smartphone will be crowned the king in the business?

“Samsung Galaxy Note 8” Source: BGR

During its unveiling, Samsung was really clear with one message, that it will not just let Apple dominate. The company build up the Galaxy Note 8 with the best features from both Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy Note line and great additional components, to come up with its most impressive smartphone. It comes with the curved screen from S8 and S8+ which almost every user wants, and made it a little bigger at 6.3” (from 6.2” in the Galaxy S8+).
The smartphone has also been revamped with some slick lines and the revolutionary feel popularized by the S8 devices.

It also features fast wireless charging, new processors that ensure excellent performance and it comes with the lovely Android Nougat. In the ‘extras’ section, it makes a mark being the first Samsung smartphone to sport a dual-lens camera. It also maintains the Galaxy Note S Pen stylus, which is now even more improved. The pamphlet’s compatibility with the S Pen Stylus allows users to draw and write on the screen.

“iPhone 8″Source: Express

Soon enough, we will now be seeing Apple unveil the most awaited device of the year, the iPhone 8. This is not just the next iPhone, but it is the 10th anniversary phone from the American tech giants.

Rumors surrounding the iPhone 8 have surpassed any records in numbers, and ‘iPhone 8’ searches on Google have by far outweighed ‘Galaxy Note 8’ searches. The iPhone has reportedly seen Apple do a revamp on its iPhone designs, and this is expected to be one of the biggest releases from the company.
However, the two devices are still expected to be somewhat similar in the features, and therefore most buyers will surely depend on personal preferences.

Apple’s iPhone 8 is being touted to cost more than $1,000, with the Note 8 said to be less expensive.

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