Latest Pokémon updates: Your Adventures Await!

Stepping outside and catching them all, is what we all did back then when Pokémon Go took the world by a storm. With an integration of Augmented Reality (AR), this game became the world’s most downloaded app. With the fast approaching Pokémon Go’s one-year anniversary, Niantic and Pokémon company are at it again. They have been launching a couple of Pokémon mobile games; Pokémon: Magikarp Jump, an in-game for Pokémon Go and Pokeland apps

Pokémon Go: Events and legendary Pokémon

“Pokémon Go” Source: Pokémon Go

The adventure week which ended on May 25th was one of the most popular events in Pokémon Go. With an in-game event called “Adventure week,” Pokémon go trainers encountered some rock type Pokémon and their evolutions. Some lucky players met the rarest rock critters; Onix, Sudowoodo and Aero dactyl. Other goodies included a free Adventurers’ hat in the avatar wardrobe, more items were found at pokestops. To find candy, Buddy Pokémon had to walk quarter the normal distance.

After the adventure week, the most anticipated thing in Pokémon Go is the legendary Pokémon. Niantic and the Pokémon Company did promise a ‘bigger thing’ for its anniversary. Reports have it that new features such as raids, gym changes, and legendary Pokémon will be introduced. It’s going to be a legendary summer.

Magikarp jump

“Magikarp Jump” Source: Gamezebo

It’s one of the latest Pokémon games launched by the Pokémon Company. It’s about one of the weakest Pokémon; Magikarp, a fish. If you haven’t installed it yet, this game is not anywhere near Pokémon Go. But it has other Pokémon such as Pidgetto, Pikachu and its worth your leisure time.

The goal is to make your fish the best jumper it can be. That’s after you have raised it, fed, and trained it. You can battle other players in the six leagues, and this will increase your personal trainer rank. Higher ranks get additional food and upgrades. The grimmest thing about the game is that the Magikarp can die. If also you flop high enough into the sky, your Magikarp gets snagged by a bird Pokémon Pidgetto – never to be seen again.


According to its website, this game requires an internet connection to play and will also link up with your Nintendo account. This will allow you to bring your Mii into Pokeland. The game revolves around players with the task of finding their way to top of the champion tower. This is by collecting toy versions of Pokémon and battling their way through a series of islands. Players can also strengthen their toy Pokémon team.

The limited Android alpha version game which ends on June 9th gives an insight of the final version. The alpha test features six islands equipped with 52 stages and populated with 134 different kinds of Pokémon. Testers can climb to the 15th floor of the tower. Unfortunately, alpha test players won’t be able to transfer their progress to the final version. Luckily for them, they would have gained experience for the task. The alpha version is not available worldwide yet, but there’s word that the final version will cross borders.