Other uses for your smartphone camera

When you are not doing photography or shooting a video, what do you do with your smartphone camera? For most people, it’s time the camera got a break. But since smartphones are becoming more of personal assistants, the camera can also be put into other uses. The camera was designed to do more other than handling scenic views. Here is a list of what you can do with your camera, with the help of some apps of course.

Augmented reality

The mixing of virtual reality and the real world is the current trend in smartphone technology. Flagships have dual cameras to enable AR, and major brands are also joining; Apple. AR can be experienced by use of apps as platforms as per the current technology. The most known use of AR is gaming; this was popularized by Pokémon Go which took the world last year. Other apps also allow you to bring virtual objects into your world by using the camera interface.

Document scanner

Everything nowadays is processed in a digital form. But as much as we are running away from hardcopy materials, somethings are unavoidable such as IDs and some licenses. Using scanning apps such as Evernote, you can transform your hardcopy material into softcopy without using the real scanners. This conversion is possible via the camera.

Download information

Yes, it is possible to get information on your device by using the camera. Using an appropriate app, you can turn your smartphone into a Quick Response (QR) reader. If you have used WhatsApp web, you know what I mean. QR codes are like barcodes, and they store information related i.e. to some products or brand. Information embedded in this matrix codes is readable via optical technologies involving a camera.

A digital magnifier

This trick has been lying around for some time now, but few people use it on the camera. It’s like a triple zoom. In Android and iOS, open accessibility settings and toggle the magnifier. Then open the camera and triple tap on Android and for iOS, triple tap the home button. Now you can read or see any tiny details, useful for menus and other readings. No more eyeglasses.

You can also use it to see if remote batteries are dead. The remote sensor emits invisible light, Infrared. Using the camera, you can see it, so if the remote isn’t working and you aren’t sure it’s the batteries, open the camera and press any remote button, no light; dead batteries.

A reminder

Not in the ‘alert way’ but in a remembrance manner. Instead of wasting time noting down things like medical prescriptions and even descriptions, take a picture and email or send it to yourself. You can also use this technique to track your expenses. You just need to open the photo and remember.

Translate languages

This is a feature well used by the Google Translate app. you need to open the app and click on the camera icon, align the text as directed and take the shot or translate on the go. This is useful when you visit foreign countries and don’t know what the writings on signs mean. Or even when you are at a foreign hotel, you can translate the entire menu.

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