Prisma’s New App: Sticky AI

A while ago Prisma Labs introduced a way in which one could transform their photos into different works of art. Using different filters via neural networking, photos were made superb again. But it didn’t last long enough as other giant social media companies “copied” the algorithms and introduced the filters for themselves. This reduced Prisma’s popularity but didn’t affect its customer base. As a result, Prisma Labs has come up with a new app; Sticky AI. This app also uses the power of artificial intelligence to perform its tasks; transforming your selfies into stickers. These selfie stickers can be then used on social media especially on communication platforms such as iMessage, WeChat, Telegram, and WhatsApp. Although the scope is a bit different, it’s likely this new app will build a momentum that might supersede its predecessor.

The main feature of the app is an auto cut-out functionality. As the name suggests, the feature removes your selfie(you) from the rest of the background and turns it into a sticker. Just like the cut-out feature in other photo editing programs. To understand how it works, Aram Airapetyan, Prisma’s co-founder explained the feature. Through a statement, Airapetyan explained that they trained the neural networks to look for objects – persons – in a photo or video. Then they cut and leave the background out. All these are done on the device, locally. Airapetyan said it’s a very complex technology with an easy user experience. For a strong visual impact, you can also edit the background by filling it with available color options or add a border.

“Sticky AI selfie” Source: App Store

At this early stage, the cutout feature is not perfect and may not work well based on certain factors. Mainly they include objects such as hair and also low or brightly lit scenes. You might need to tweak it for a perfect sticker. The co-founder said more features are coming soon; the anticipated one is the superimposing the stickers over photos. As time goes by, Prisma Labs will have collected enough data, and they will establish what people need apart from stickers. Maybe the cutout feature will be improved and will recognize other objects in the photos such as pets and not only people.

As for now, Sticky lets you add some stylish effects similar to those in Prisma. A black and white filter options with a color style is standard. You can add captions to the selfie stickers too. After you’re done with your creation, save it and share it but as a picture. This is because most messaging platforms lack the APIs that let them support the stickers. Another functionality is making animated stickers. This is possible by tapping and holding the camera button as you pull your ‘various face stunts.’ The app then adds multiple frames to make an animation. Airapetyan also added that Sticky would be a better app as it will grow popular. This means the app will have more features in its future updates.

The App is available on iOS only. Its Android version is expected to be launched soon.

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