Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 didn’t do well as expected by the company and even the users. Following the debacle, there were speculations that Samsung will retire the Note 7 brand as it was recalled from the market twice. But as rumored earlier Samsung had plans of reviving the Note 7, and now it’s happening. In a nutshell, the Fan edition is just a refurbished Note 7. Although you might have doubts about it, Samsung assures that the device went through an 8-Point Battery Safety Check and won’t catch fire.

Release Date

The Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition will go on sale on July 7th and will be exclusively available in South Korea. There are speculations that the device might also be available for other markets but it’s not yet confirmed. It is reported that the initial production amounts to only 400,000 units.

What’s new

The Fan Edition is similar to the original Samsung Galaxy Note 7 but with minor improvements. It sports an internal storage of 64GB, 4 GB of RAM, the majestic 13 Megapixel camera and a 5.7-inch Quad-HD display. The phone also has the IP certification of the Samsung S8/S8+, the IP68 dust and water resistant rating.

The Fan Edition has some minor changes, and that makes it slightly different from the original. It comes with the updated Android Nougat operating system, an updated board that also supports Bixby; Samsung’s AI virtual assistant, and also an S-pen stylus. But the notable change is in the battery. Instead of packing the 3,500mAh, Samsung opted to use a safer battery cell of a lower capacity, 3,200mAh. Samsung reported that this new battery is very safe and fans have nothing to worry about.

Additionally, there’s a visible engraving of ‘Fan Edition’ on the back of the device. This is intended to serve as a visual indicator that this brand of the Galaxy Note 7 is safe to carry around. This is mainly for transportation purposes particularly in the airports and other modes of transportation where it was banned.

Color availability

The Fan Edition of the Note 7 is only available in four colors; Coral Blue, Gold, Silver and Black. It seems Samsung has done away with the white color for its devices.

What went wrong with the original Note 7

According to reports from the lengthy investigations that were carried out by Samsung, there were a lot of issues that led to the exploding of the batteries. The main problem was the location of the electrode which made it be deflected in the right upper corner. The other issue was the manufacture of defective batteries by a Hong Kong-based supplier. The fault was that the anode penetrated the insulation material and this caused the positive and negative parts of the battery to make contact – short circuit – hence the causing the fire/explosions. Other reports said that the insulation tape was not included at all.

But with the new safety checks that were put in place during the manufacturing of the Fan Edition batteries, all we hope is that they don’t explode, Samsung assured they wouldn’t.

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