Samsung Gear Sport: The Watch to Keep You Fit

Since the inception of the smartwatch market, Apple’s smartwatch market has seen better days. Recently this dominance from Apple has been challenged by Google’s Android Wear. However, Samsung has now stroked the band with an extensive wearable lineup operating on the company’s platform.

Samsung called it Gear Sport, a $299.99 Gear watch that operates on both the Android and iOS smartphones. The new Gear Sport fluxes a number of old the features of the previous heavy Gear S3 that was launched in 2016. It has well-polished features with an upgraded display and interface; though a slightly lesser design, it has an improved evocative of the 2015’s Gear S2. The new Gear watch has amazing capabilities like swimming tracker and can withstand harsh water. This particular feature allows the Gear watch to challenge the Apple Watch series 2 that harnesses the exact features.

I wouldn’t rush to conclude that Samsung’s Gear Sport hasn’t met the expectations set by the market.  But its interface is very intuitive, with a full rotating bezel for navigation purposes. However, there are a number of parts still not sufficiently developed to standard. Be it the poor anemic selection of applications, or even the unreliable S voice digital assistant.

Focusing our perspective on the brighter side, the Gear Sport’s design overview is more appropriate for sporting activities. Be it the gym, pool swimming, morning runs, then the Gear Sport is your best, reliable option. In comparison to the previous Gear S2, the Gear Sport has a relatively smaller size and fits well on to the sport-person wrist conveniently. Nevertheless, it is important to mention that the Gear Sport is observably large and a bit uncomfortable when in comparison to the Gear S2. Brighter side, the smartwatch is fabricated from stainless steel. The rotating bezel and the great two-side buttons perform their functions amazingly.

The Gear Sport has a 1.2-inch, circular LED touchscreen display that is pleasing to the touch. With a sharp resolution, pleasant colors, and well configured outdoor visibility colors, the Sport has the best hardware there is. Personally, I am often amazed by its complete color that is always auto-mode enabled, can’t lie, I am doting of these features. It gives me that easy, quick glance to the eye, whenever I want to peep in and update myself on what time it is.

Despite the Sports harnessing and the insanely heart-rate sensor, the records aren’t going to be consistent, and precise as the chest strap. So this isn’t going to be accurately reliable whenever clinical services are to be needed.

If ever you’re going to need a smartphone that gives you push notifications to your wrist, then the Gear Sport is the option you’ll want to go for. Given the capabilities of the Sport to pair to both iOS and Android phones, then there is no limit to who can buy; be it Android or iOS device users. Not to forget the battery life of the Sport allows you to rely on its services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.