Samsung Wireless charger for iPhone X

If you head out to the phones accessories shops today, you’ll come across a ton of wireless chargers, all with different price points. These chargers have the right balanced price, convenient speed of charging and suited for iPhone users. An impressive feature that one should look at when getting a charger is the grip it has on a phone, preventing vibrations of the endless, boring phone notifications.

To be distinct, there is much difference between the best and the favorite, when it comes to products we want in our daily operations. I appreciate and recognize the efforts made by various upcoming companies to build unique wireless gadgets and accessories. Nevertheless, my long build-trust remains with the charger pads developed by Samsung. Whenever I need a new-tech charger pad for my iPhone, Samsung is going for a long to be ringing in my thoughts. To be specific the Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charger.  The charger comes equipped with a Convertible Stand W/AFC for Wall mounts. According to the market, the charger now retails at $89.99, a worth price spending. Moreover, you can still find it on Amazon at $62.32 currently.

By now, an interested buyer of the products will want to know why I like this particular Wireless Charger. Well, below is a list of top reasons why Samsung Wireless Charger is my favorite and suitable for my iPhone:

  • It comes loaded with a power pack that contains enough wattage to fast charge your iPhone and any Galaxy Phone.
  • It has an option to charge via a USB-Type C plug. This implies you can use it along with other equipment that you already use for charging your laptop. Comes in handy during travels
  • It can adjust from a pad to an angle suitable for your table.
  • It has an advantage of folding down to a smaller package for easier
  • It has an installed leather-like material on its top surface, allowing for firm grips whenever using Wireless charging. So, the iPhone stays gripped to the charger firmly.

The main advantage is the angular positioning of the Wireless Charger. The major issue of the only-flat pad is that the risk/ inconvenience of the phone vibrating falling off the pad is high. Also, even though a vibrating phone may not fall off the pad, chances are, they will be out of the central position where Wireless charging is at its maximum. Nevertheless, with an angle-enabled pad, the chances are greatly reduced.

For iPhone X users, the angle charging pad will come in handy in many ways. The main advantage being, the notifications agenda. The iPhone X’s iOS 11 version came with a feature that auto-hides new notifications unless a face ID is sensed. The angle charging pad comes in handy when trying to read the new notification, as they is not much straining needed to face ID yourself, compared to a flat pad charger. With the flat pad charger, it means you have to crane your head over the screen for identification and viewing of the notifications.

Every good product has its negative sides. Samsung’s Wireless Charger for iPhones happens to be a victim of the fact. Here are the few challenges posed while using the product:

  • It has a huge obtuse that suddenly turn on at times.
  • It has a USB-Type C charging plug, implying if you accidentally lose the original Samsung’s adapter, then you risk plugging the USB into a not recommended adapter that could prove dangerous.
  • A blue LED charging indicator, imperfectly positioned to shine brightly into your eyes.

However, since magnets aren’t the best option for holding phones in place and securely at an angle suitable for Wireless charging anymore; then Samsung’s Wireless Charging Pad is the next big solution we’re yet to experience. Cheers!

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