Samsung’s New Gear Icon X: Truly Wireless Earbuds

Since the release of the iconic wireless earbuds during the launch of the Gear IconX, market trends have proved the product to be a success. Motivated by their latest plunder from the tech, Samsung went ahead and put their developers to work, and good news to them, the operation yielded. The company has now released an updated version with while retaining the initial name. Good news is, the new version is going to solve issues experienced from the previous version. The battery life-span, and a better wireless performance all in one package.

Now we know about Apple’s AirPods. Packed with wireless earbuds that are surprisingly cheap yet expensive to others with one-trick options; Bose SoundSport Free, to add examples to it. However, the main question that has been ringing in the mighty ears of Samsung is, how will the company cut themselves some slack from the market now that the new version of IconX is here.

Submitting ourselves to curiosity, our team dedicated a week of studying and having a first-person experience with the new IconX earbuds. You’ll be pleased to know that the experience results were excellent compared to their predecessors. Nothing says “Chiq!” than a newer version of a product becoming a success after its official release. The new IconX earbuds have so far registered the best exquisite sound ever. Though their price tag is insanely high, they are going to be pleasing to the ear than they will make you regret wasting the huge amount getting yourself one of this. Moreover, if you are one to treasure quality above the price, then you should know that Samsung already executed the best features to improve the earbuds’ usage.

I have come to develop a sincere love with the new IconX earbuds that was triggered by the low and straightforward profile yet exciting to use. With the Samsung’s Gear IconX, you won’t have to worry about short battery life, poor sound quality nor unreliable Bluetooth connection. Their small, flexible and fitting to ear design, the comfortability.

Despite the few audio dropouts, and on rare occasions the earbud dip issue will always resolve. I only experienced this issue twice, but that doesn’t credit rating this product poorly. It is factual that if an issue doesn’t prompt a deal-breaker or wall slamming of a problematic product, then don’t be alarmed. It is the normal-day Bluetooth challenges.

Though the streaming audio is one of the few metaphors to be excited about with the IconX, there is still much yet to be explored. Samsung went a step further and sharpened the features of the previous version of IconX. Just to mention a few, the earbuds now have 4GB of storage onboard the earbud, enabling you to enjoy your music without actually having your phone around. This will prove helpful when you are out for a morning run, during workouts with respect to Samsung’s consistent advice that you do.

To rub it up, Samsung’s new Gear IconX earbuds are now the groundbreaking solution to your machine audio challenges. What are you waiting for, set out for the shops, and get yourself the new IconX earbuds. You’ll thank me later, by dropping your testimonial comments below!