Surfing the web on Android

Almost every smartphone task involves the internet, from social media apps to multiplayer games. But to surf the internet, every Android user needs a browser. A browser is a software that lets you experience the web in ways you can never imagine; displaying pages, downloading files and even playing games. To have the best experience, you need an excellent browser. Although there’s no such thing as a perfect browser, there’s an exception. Apart from Chrome which comes inbuilt for the Android eco-system, here are some better options you can substitute it with and what they’re best for.


“Opera icon” Source: PlayStore

Opera browser and its variants are known for one thing, doing more than just displaying web pages; the best data savers. The Opera browsers save data by compressing videos, images and also blocking ads. The saving data capabilities make Opera browsers not to be the fastest browsers. They are bundled with a smart news feed to keep you updated and find the content you love. They have a lightweight design that gives them a sleek look. Opera synchronizes across your devices, and this makes sure you have your bookmarks on whichever device you’re browsing the net with.


“Firefox icon” Source: PlayStore

Firefox browser from Mozilla is best for customization; its variants are best for privacy. It has maintained this reputation from the desktop ages. In Android, it will let you customize it as you would do on a PC and also integrate add-ons. It’s rich in features and smart in that it anticipates your needs. With this at hand, you get intuitive results from across the web. It is packed with robust privacy, various sharing options and it can sync your browsing data across your devices.

Dolphin Browser

“Dolphin Browser icon” Source: PlayStore

If you have been looking for a browser that offers the best user experience, well, you found it. Dolphin Browser is a favorite because it has great features. They include; fast download, personalized search, add-on sidebar, and an ad blocker. It is also packed with gesture controls to ease your browsing. What makes it be liked is the integrated flash player. The flash player helps in streaming videos and audio, viewing other multimedia contents, and interacting with internet applications. It’s also great when sharing content.

UC Browser

“UC Browser icon” Source: PlayStore

Need for speed? UC Browser will make sure you surf the internet as fast as possible. This browser features faster download module, a Data Saver, an Ad-Blocker, night mode and lots of cricket information. It’s a bonus if you are a fan, the cricket card feature brings you live matches stream and scores. Other cards will also deliver your local news feed. The download module allows you to pause and continue at later times and it accelerates download speeds to save your time.

This browser offers a smooth User Experience, actually the most fluid internet surfing with no frozen pages. The ad blocker is so powerful that it lets you block sticky ads and flags ads that you don’t want to see. This saves time, averts threats and saves data.

Puffin Web Browser: The best

“Puffin Browser icon” Source: PlayStore

This is the exception I pointed out earlier, Puffin browser encompasses all things the above browsers have, and it’s a wicked fast mobile browser. All this comes at a cost; it consumes a lot of RAM but for a good course.  To achieve its lightning speeds, it shifts the workload from devices to cloud servers. It is equipped with cloud protection, flash player and a proprietary compression algorithm for data saving. It’s one of the few browsers with Virtual trackpad and gamepad, Fastest JavaScript engine, and a Theater mode for Flash videos and games.

Although it’s a near perfect, its limitations are more daunting; its data centers are based in the US and its blocked in some countries including China.