Switching between Android and iOS has never been easier

It is that time of the year when both Samsung and Apple face off with the new face of their smartphones. Some of us might even be in a dilemma – not being sure which smartphone to choose between the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Apple’s 10th-anniversary device, the mighty iPhone 8.

Though in this article I won’t help you decide between the two, I will equip you with the knowledge that you can always shift between any of the two platforms without breaking much of sweat, or risk losing your important apps, music, contacts, calendar events, etc.

Switching from Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS has been made easier by both companies, with each of them providing a platform for syncing between an Android and an iPhone device. The two companies also go ahead and provide thorough illustrated guides that help you all along the process.

However, you may need to note that apps specifically written for iOS or Android will not run on the opposite platform. It’s only popular app services like YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Gmail among others that are available for both platform s that will be able to be downloaded from the app stores.

The Move to iOS App

The Move to iOS Android app came around when Apple launched iOS 9. Since then, it has seen some updates and improvements that have continued to make the process even better.

“Move to iOS” Source:Apple

The app marked the disaster of having to lose your important stuff when moving from Android to Apple, and it was also meant to entice people to switch worlds, knowing that it’s easy to do so. With it, you can easily transfer your contacts, camera photos, and videos, message history, email accounts, web bookmarks, wallpaper, calendars, etc.

The app also goes further and suggests any free apps that you used on your Android device and are also available in Apple’s App Store. This is great as apps are some of the most valued stuff in our phones, and such a process helps you easily get on your feet with your new iPhone.

After installing the app, you now need to know how to carry out the process, and Apple has made it even easier by providing you with a full guide to complete the process.

Google’s Switching Process

Google, on the other hand, gives an explicit process to help you easily move from iOS to an Android device. Though Android devices vary from manufacturer to the other, Google provides a 3 step guide to help move from iOS to Android. This involves backing up your data online, to a Google Drive account.

Samsung’s Smart Switch Service

Though Samsung also operates under Android, being Apple’s main competitor, they go ahead and compliment the Google process with their Smart Switch Service.

“Samsung Smartswitch” Source: Samsung

This service is quite commendable and surely lets you switch seamlessly from an iPhone to a Galaxy phone. Just like the Move to iOS app, it allows you to transfer all your content and settings from iPhone to any Samsung Galaxy device, preferably Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ and now Note 8.

With new flagship devices around the corner from both Apple and Samsung, look for those with iOS 11 and Android Oreo this fall.

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