Must-have accessories for your Galaxy S8

So, you’ve unboxed your brand new Samsung Galaxy s8, explored the new features, and set it up – all ready for use, but there’s still one more thing left to do…

Kit it out with some cool accessories of course!

You can purchase some pretty awesome accessories for your Samsung S8, to enhance your productivity, boost the battery on the go and protect your beloved device!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the accessories that you can purchase to enhance the capabilities of your phone.

We’ll break down the accessories into the following 3 categories: power, productivity, and protection.

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Bixby: Samsung’s 4-in-1 AI system

Is Bixby better than Siri?

Bixby was developed with a sole purpose in mind: to make your phone more helpful.

Whilst Bixby is yet to be fully supported in some languages and regions, according to Kyle Brown, head of technology, content and launch management at Samsung, the smartphone giant intends on continuing to innovate and develop the service rapidly.

Although Bixby has initially been rolled out on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, it has been rumoured that the Bixby button will make an appearance on other Samsung products, including TVs, refrigerators and smart-home devices.

There’s four divisions of Bixby: Home, Vision, Voice and Reminder.

Let’s have a brief look at each of the 4 divisions:

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The Galaxy S8 has been launched…did it help Samsung recover from the Note 7 debacle?

Samsung Electronics suffered a significant dent in its fourth quarter of 2016. The Galaxy sales were high, but the profits were quite the opposite. A fault in the Galaxy Note 7 battery made the devices to explode; they were recalled off the market and replaced with new Note 7 flagships. These too exploded. Samsung corrected the mistake and promised its consumers a newer, safer and elegant flagship; the Galaxy S8 and S8 plus. Continue reading “The Galaxy S8 has been launched…did it help Samsung recover from the Note 7 debacle?”