Ways to protect your $1000, iPhone X

It may be pronounced as iPhone ten, but the X may as well mean expensive. Made entirely of glass, the iPhone X should be protected even if it means sacrificing the elegant aesthetics it has to offer. Unless the X in your iPhone X means ten, then you don’t have to worry. Either way, the way you handle the anniversary phone should ensure that you minimize the damage as the repair costs may amount to buying a new phone instead. Although other repairs might be cheap, it’s actually cheaper to protect your device in the first place.

Use a durable protective case

You can all agree that the iPhone X isn’t any phone that should be dressed up. But if you have the right case, you can still maintain its stylish aesthetics as well as add more elegance to it. There is a number of factors you should consider when getting a case for your pricey iPhone 10. Depending on your preference, the case should be durable, somehow slim for effective wireless charging, extra padded for shattering points, i.e. the ends, and should be raised at the front for additional screen protection. The case should definitely feature some aesthetics too. For such a case, head over to carved for some of the most unique and amazing wood cases you will ever see. Before you shrug off the idea of having a case, just remember a shattered back glass will require you to replace the whole chassis of the phone, much like getting a new one. You might never know when gravity surges around you.

Get a screen protector

The scratch-resistant OLED display isn’t immune to falls and cracks. Did you know that Apple charges $279 for just screen pair? Well, you can avoid that by getting a $10 screen protector. At least you won’t suffer many cracks when your iPhone X slams facedown on the ground or any hard surface. The impact will be absorbed by the protector. As the old saying states, two heads are better than one; in the case of this iPhone, we’ll alter that to, two screens are better than one. For better results, opt for the iPhone X compatible screen protectors with dual layers. They merely affect the display, although you will notice at times.

Get a grip

Do you wish your iPhone X to remain elegant as it came out of the box? Then you ought to outsmart gravity. But as we said earlier, more protection is better. Before considering this way alone, you can couple it with the above protection measures. A grip is one fantastic accessory that makes sure you always get to hold your phone at most times. They come in various designs, and you should look for the one that suits your preferences. Most people prefer the ones which enable you to operate your phone efficiently i.e. with one hand, and at the same time, it doesn’t interfere with wireless charging.

Get an insurance cover

Consider this option the mother of all protection. Apart from AppleCare which is a bit hefty, you can opt for insurance policies from major iPhone carriers. In most cases, other insurance policies maybe bit expensive, but in the long run, you are protecting a $1000 smartphone from Apple. According to the insurance, you won’t have to worry about screen repairs and other costly expenses. Do you know other ways you can protect the iPhone X? Let us know in the comments.