What’s new in Apple’s iOS 11.3

This spring, Apple will be releasing its major next update for its smartphones, iOS 11.3. This new update will be delivering new and improve other features already available in the current version of iOS 11. At the moment, there is only a developer preview followed by a public beta preview available at developer.apple.com and beta.apple.com respectively. The final update will be available as a free software update for particular iPhone models and other iDevices such as iPhone 5s and later, all iPad Air and iPad Pro models, iPad 5th generation, iPad mini 2 and later and iPod touch 6th generation. Below are features that the update will deliver to the mentioned devices. However, not all features will be available in beta releases and some feature may be missing on some devices and some regions.

More AR Experiences

“AR experience” Source: Apple

Amongst other features, the major selling point of iOS 11 was Augmented Reality (AR) which was made possible by the ARKit. Being the world’s biggest AR platforms, updates are a necessity to keep up with the ever-evolving technology. With the introduction of ARKit 1.5, developers will now be able to offer more immersive AR experiences. The new ARKit offers a way in which you can place objects on vertical surfaces. With an advanced computer vision technique, ARKit can now integrate real-world images into AR such as bringing a movie poster to life. You also get a greater resolution and a sharper perspective with autofocus on the camera.

New Animoji and More

iPhone X users know the thrill when they hear the word Animoji. Well, prepare for more as iOS 11.3 will offer for more Animoji that you can express yourself as a dragon, skull, bear and even as the lion. In the new update, messages also has a new feature known as business chat. This is a new way in which iOS users can communicate with businesses directly within messages. The business chat will allow you to have a conversation with a representative in which you can make purchases using Apple Pay or even schedule an appointment.

“Business Chat” Source: Apple

The best thing, your contact info is not shared with the businesses, and you can stop chatting anytime. The select business includes Discover, Hilton, Lowe’s and Wells Fargo.

Performance: Battery life

The new updates sports functionalities that are inclined to the battery section given that iPhones pack a small battery capacity. These functionalities will show battery health and provide a recommendation when you need to change it. Unfortunately, this feature is available for iPhone 6 and later. Other functionality helps you to ensure that the power management feature that’s responsible for dynamically managing maximum performance and to prevent unexpected shutdowns is on and you can also turn it off.

Health Records

“Health Records” Source: Apple

The health app will now feature health records, a feature that will allow you to see available medical data from multiple providers as it brings info on hospitals and clinics. Patients will get their info organized in a single view and will also receive notifications for their medications, conditions and even lab results. This data will, of course, be encrypted and passcode protected.

Other additional features include streaming music videos in the Apple Music without ads, stay up to date with important videos in Apple News and Support for Advanced Mobile Location (AML). AML will automatically send a user’s location when an emergency call is made.

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