Will this be the end of iPhone Jailbreaking?

Apple went all ace by releasing the latest iOS 11 software which is even harder to jailbreak. And even though understanding and getting to jailbreak your Apple device has been a menace in the past, Apple has now devised a new way to solve the problem. Therefore, you shouldn’t get your hopes up, by getting weighed down by the guys who originally made jailbreaking a huge craze. Moreover, despite the realism that the U.S.A. copyright policy allows for iPhone jailbreaking, the tradition seems to be on its last voyage.

If you’ve jailbroken your iPhone successfully in the past, then you definitely must have come across the term Cydia. Cydia, replaces the original App Store on your phone, thus allowing you to download apps, tools from a wide range of sources seamlessly. Since the origin of Cydia, apps downloaded from the store; all came from three major repositories. The thing is, two of the renown repositories have long been shuttered for good. Therefore, leaving you with just a single repository from which you have to try your luck finding all the apps, you’re looking for.

In the last press release by ModMyi’s Editor-in-chief Dennis Bednarz, he said, “While we promised that we’d keep the repository alive, the cost of running the repository has been growing since.” He continued to add, “Not all promises can be kept, and I won’t try to blur your vision and try to excuse myself.” He gave quite a lengthy speech, where he confessed that he had failed his clients terribly and was sorry for it. However, he urged his clients not to lose their trust in him despite the outcome. Though the editor-in-chief promised a solution for the whole predicament that had befallen us all, we all know there isn’t one surfacing soon. At least not from ModMyi.

The sudden collapse of ModMyi repositories happened the day after ZodTTD/MacCiti announced their plans to put to hold their operations as well. A double blow to the iPhone jail-breakers. And even though jailbreaking hasn’t been completely taken out of the picture, there has been a decrease to jailbreak iPhones recently. This resulted in the latest versions of iOS which gave the various developers of jailbreaks less impetus by the day in cracking the new iOS versions.

According to Freeman’s interview with Motherboard, there is nothing one gains from jailbreaking an iPhone. Only a few minor modifications, unlike the killer, features one used to unlock in the past.

The sudden collapse of jailbreaking resulted in the following reasons:

  • Apple’s increased security intelligence in their latest iOS versions.
  • Most of the elite jail-breakers have long moved to high-paying security jobs.
  • If ever a hacker found a vulnerability, then he/she can harvest up to $1 million from the sale.
  • If you’re going to jailbreak your iPhone, then you risk being vulnerable to security threats.

More reason to why jailbreaks have since decreased is that Apple developers conducted a study and identified the major reasons why iPhone users conducted jailbreaks. They then devised measures to discourage the practice by unlocking the features that were locked in the past. Reducing the reasons for iPhone users considering the option of jailbreaks thereof. According to Freeman, this move is now discouraging jail-breakers to bother targeting the practice and earning a living out of it.

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