iFixit teardown: What’s in your iPhone X

iFixit, popularly known as a global community of people helping each other repair stuff, recently teared down the $1000 iPhone X. Unlike the iPhone 8 flagship, the teardown revealed a whole new change in which Apple made the iPhone X. The teardown exposed the components that make the iPhone X a mystery, and it was discovered that the iPhone packs dual battery cells. If you were wondering what’s inside your iPhone X, now you don’t have to mess with it, iFixit has done it for you, and we’ll see what Apples’ 10th-anniversary phone is made of. Continue reading “iFixit teardown: What’s in your iPhone X”

Pixel 2XL display problems and how to fix them

Since the launch of Googles’ 2017 flagships devices, there have been reports about issues regarding their displays. Although Google used the high-resolution OLED display tech, it seems it has its problems. To alleviate user concerns, Google has confirmed they are still doing extensive research on it. Below are some common problems associated with the display. Continue reading “Pixel 2XL display problems and how to fix them”

Samsung’s New Gear Icon X: Truly Wireless Earbuds

Since the release of the iconic wireless earbuds during the launch of the Gear IconX, market trends have proved the product to be a success. Motivated by their latest plunder from the tech, Samsung went ahead and put their developers to work, and good news to them, the operation yielded. The company has now released an updated version with while retaining the initial name. Good news is, the new version is going to solve issues experienced from the previous version. The battery life-span, and a better wireless performance all in one package. Continue reading “Samsung’s New Gear Icon X: Truly Wireless Earbuds”

5 Hidden Features in iPhone X You Should Know

If you are going to introduce a god-smartphone in the market, then the “think big” slogan is going to be your basis of invention. Apple already knew this to be true. They were able to re-invent some significant iOS features and had them installed on the new iPhone X. Following the competition from its major rivals (Google, Samsung), Apple was finally able to design the new iPhone with a unique design interface and look. A wider display, an intelligent Face recognition feature, and an altogether no home button screen. Continue reading “5 Hidden Features in iPhone X You Should Know”

Still experiencing problems in iOS 11? Here’s how to solve them

Even with the latest public release of the iOS11.0.3 update, Apple still can’t figure out a way to solve technical problems brought by iOS 11. so, if you just updated your phone, it’s not going to be a smooth ride unless you don’t pay much attention to your phone. On the other hand, are you willing to let some problems deter you from enjoying the fluidity and new features of iOS11? Continue reading “Still experiencing problems in iOS 11? Here’s how to solve them”

Best AR Apps to try on iOS 11

Since the introduction of Apple’s iOS 11 version update to its iPhone and iPad users, great new features have been discovered that have so far benefited its users. However, amidst this excitement, the most breakthrough feature is the capability of Apple devices with an A9 chip and later to integrate successfully with Augmented Reality apps. This is made possible by Apple’s ARKit platform. Continue reading “Best AR Apps to try on iOS 11”

Lost your phone? Google Home has got your back

Last time we talked about how you can find your lost/misplaced Android phone using Find My Device feature. Today you are going to know how to find your smartphone using Google Home. I’m assuming you have Google Home before you proceed. This method is ideal if you have misplaced your phone in your room and you can’t find it. Best thing, you can even locate your iPhone with it. Here’s how. Continue reading “Lost your phone? Google Home has got your back”