NFC in smartphones

Sometimes you take a look at a smartphone’s specs and wonder what other features mean, especially when your current flagship doesn’t have them. Well, you are not alone. To most people, features such as an Infrared (IR) blaster or NFC are just a ‘by the way’ technical features the manufacturer included. A feature such as NFC has become a common trend in the digital world. It’s surprising only a small percentage of people are reaping its benefits. But starting today, you will know what NFC is, how it works and its uses. Continue reading “NFC in smartphones”

Mobile wallets: Samsung Pay vs. Android Pay vs. Apple Pay

Cash and credit/debit cards will soon be obsolete. At this technological rate, advanced systems such as cryptocurrencies have started taking root. In developed and developing countries, digital currency is commonly used. You only need to have a smart device with an electronic wallet to join the band. These e-wallets/mobile wallets Continue reading “Mobile wallets: Samsung Pay vs. Android Pay vs. Apple Pay”

Android O vs. iOS11: The Never Ending Battle

At the frontline in the smartphone realm, are Apple and Google; both tech giants lying in wait. This is after they announced and showcased various advancements at their developers’ conference. Keen interest was however on their new operating systems. With both releasing developers’ preview for testing, there’s much to compare. With most appealing features from each side, it’s not yet time to crown the winner. Continue reading “Android O vs. iOS11: The Never Ending Battle”

Samsung’s new Gear 360 Camera: Sleeker Design at a Reduced Price

The new Gear 360 (2017) camera is an accessory that you may want to add into your Samsung Galaxy world. Unlike its predecessor, it’s now appealing with its sleeker design. What’s even more exciting is the price; it’s cheaper as compared to the previous model. It’s priced at $229 whereas the other model retailed at $350. You’ll also be in luck if you’re going to buy Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ device with the Gear. This offer which will last until 19th June will help you get the new Gear 360 for just an extra $49. It’s available Continue reading “Samsung’s new Gear 360 Camera: Sleeker Design at a Reduced Price”